The Weekly Byte for 8/2/2010

New Releases

Friday, 7/30 – Commander:Conquest of the Americas, Strategy/RTS by Paradox $39.95

Tuesday, 8/3 – Metro 2033 Ranger Pack DLC, $3 on XBL, free for Steam users :O)

News Bytes

Reason to traverse radiated tubes, once more! Yes, as you’ve read above, there will be new DLC for this year’s sleeper hit, Metro 2033.  Sadly, I have not had a chance to play it, myself, but I am salivating for a price drop.  The new DLC allows players to take advantage of a Ranger Mode setting, which makes ammo scarce and increases the damage dealt by both sides.  Ummm, am I the only one who doesn’t see the fun in this?  Also, there will be some new items, weapons and achievements, so look for the DLC to pull into your station this week!

Seems like Fable on the PC will be a bedtime story at dusk. Originally planned to launch side-by-side with console versions, Fable II has now been pushed back to an unannounced date.  Microsoft reassures that this is not a cancellation, but an opportunity to optimize the game for the PC platform.  I would not have made Fable III a day one purchase, and I can certainly stand behind a developer taking extra time to customize a PC version of the game, so the news is not as upsetting to me as it may be to some.  I’m still glad to see Microsoft gaming make a return to PC, and I can only hope this Fable will herald more Microsoft gaming tales to be told on the PC.

Have you lost that lovin’ feeling? The void that has been left, since HAWX came out, so long ago?  Well, get to pre-flight, Mav, HAWX 2 is touching down this fall, on September 7th.  Among scarce details in the skies, the multiplayer aspect of the game seems to have undergone a complete overhaul.  There will now be co-op, arcade and survival modes for up to 8 pilots at a time.  You can be my wingman anytime!  Well, that is, if Ubisoft doesn’t eject us from the cockpit with it’s crippling DRM…….

Geared Up

It’s seeming like I should change the title from ‘Geared Up’ to ‘Overpriced Nerd Gear’!  Sadly, I have two entries this week, that seem to be, only for gamers with the deepest of pockets.  A while back, I detailed a statue of Valve Team Fortress 2 character, The Heavy.  Also planned, were Left 4 Dead and Half-Life entries, well, wait no more zombie maniacs, the first Left 4 Dead statue is here!  The Tank, measuring an intimidating 15 inches tall, is now available for pre-order.  Another Gaming Heads creation, the statue looks fantastically detailed, and an exclusive edition includes a pump shotgun(what no molly?).  He comes in two flavors, vanilla, for a whopping $300, or a more limited flavor for $325.  Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?  Oh, and you won’t even receive the goods until early next year.  For the cheaper Valve fan, Aperture Labs is moving in on the Beanie Baby market, with it’s plush GlaDOS Curiosity Spheres, far a slightly more palatable $45.  The full set is available, at a discounted $120, and they are only available via Etsy here.  You can purchase one of four colors, each one features different sayings from Portal by pressing the eye (ouch!?).  Believe you, me, if I had that kind of cheddar laying around, I’d be spending it on games and not dust collectors and chew toys, but who am I right?

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