The Weekly Byte for 8/9/2010

New Releases

  • Thursday, 8/12 – Puzzle Quest 2 on Steam for $19.99 ($17.99 by pre-order before then)

News Bytes

Torchlight will be lit, again, in Spring of 2011!!! Runic games has blindsided us by announcing that their next project is not a Torchlight MMO, but a full on, Torchlight sequel, featuring online co-op, among other innovations.  Runic has mentioned that the outcry for co-op, and the huge success of Torchlight have made the next logical step seem more plausible as a sequel with multiplayer, rather than a dive directly into the MMO space.  Great idea to work out the kinks for the MMO and the fans are certainly happy with the announcement! Look for more information to come, very, very soon, here at Everyday Gamers, about Torchlight II, but for now, here is a summary of the new features to look for :

  1. New Classes, 4 total, only the Railman ( melee/Tank) and Outlander (Ranged/Light Magic) announced, so far.
  2. Player characters will now be customizable as male/female, and some appearance features
  3. New pets announced, although Dogs/Cats will return, no animals heard yet, but Runic wants each pet to have some unique features/attributes/skills
  4. The ‘Identify’ spells/scrolls will not return, the mechanic has been abandoned
  5. Wide open, outside areas spanning multiple towns/lands, featuring day/night cycles and weather effects
  6. Random, non-quest related, events will also be expected
  7. Online Co-op with a minimum 4 players, no ceiling announced yet (6-8 estimated)
  8. Co-op loot fights non-existent, only you will see your own loot drops
  9. Sadly, Runic has confirmed that the 3 classes from Torchlight will not be playable, but will return as NPC’s, in the game.

Players Zerg-rushed stores for Starcraft II purchases! Record breaking sales numbers, for Starcraft II, show the game sold 1 million copies on day one, and reached 1.5 million sales within the first 48 hours of release.  These amazing numbers have made Starcraft II the fastest selling strategy game of all time.  Pretty good for an exclusive game on a dead platform, right?  If you are a big Starcraft fan, stay tuned for our review, coming very soon.  Also, look fora Spoilerific Spoiler-filled Starcraft Podcast, set to come sometime within the next month!

Maximum cloak. According to EA financial reports, Crysis fans will go without a nanosuit this Christmas, as it seems Crysis 2 will remain cloaked until the first quarter of 2011.  It is going to be very interesting to see how the game performs on consoles, as well as in a new environment, but now the game faces a crowded Spring lineup, as well.  EA, alone, has five titles planned for that time period, and I’m sure we’ll see a few more, thanks to the success of some of the 2010 launches, in that timeframe.  Is it wrong that I am more curious for Darkspore than I am Crysis 2?

Have you ever danced with the devil in the light of Arkham City? No, I never heard of Arkham City, either, but gamers will know it well after next fall.  Batman : Arkham City will be the follow up to one of the most lauded licensed video games ever, Batman : Arkham Asylum.  We already know to expect appearances from Two-Face and Catwoman, thanks to covers on Game Informer, I would hope to see more revelations made soon with GamesCom and PAX Prime right around the corner.  The game’s story will be penned by Paul Dinni, the writer from B:AA.  Judging by the name, we can expect to see Batman terrorize thugs across a more open environment, but we will have to wait to see.  Develpers have also teased more Batmobile segments, and I’m sure fans would enjoy a jet boosted ride through the streets of Gotham, as long as it’s not a high-def Spy Hunter sequence(or a super disappointing end-game sequence, harumph!).

Have you been dying to pay for your Quake? Quake LIVE has been in free Beta since 2/2009, but now it’s a full-blown game with subscription options.  I know, I didn’t realize it was still in Beta either, but relax, the free option is still there, if that’s what you prefer.  More committed fraggers can choose between a Premium option at $24 per year and a Pro option, at $48 per year.  The Premium package includes a Freeze-Tag Mode, many exclusive maps, clan creation and the option to join up to 5 clans.  Pro tacks on the option to start your own game server, as well as bringing three non-paying Quake friends into any of the premium content games.

Speaking of shooters, Star Wars Farcry? Maybe we can expect a new Republic Commando, thanks to the new staff member at Lucasarts.  The prime creative mind behind Farcry 2 and Splinter Cell games, Clint Hocking, has defected from Ubisoft to Lucasarts.  Obviously, Mr. Hocking has not revealed the projects he will be handling there, but speculation abounds.  There is enough to keep him busy with the collaborative push behind The Old Republic and Force Unleashed II, but this gamer hopes that his experience in the stealth/FPS realm will be applied to the Star Wars franchise.  May the Force be strong with him in his new endeavors!

Rumors of Dragons abound. Apparently, a listing on, has everyone talking about Dragon: Age Origins, again.  A listing for an Ultimate Edition of last year’s RPG breakout was shown on their site with an MSRP of $59.99 for 360 and PS3, and only $49.99 for PC—but no details on the contents.  Not a bad deal if the full expansion, Awakening, and all of the DLC packs are included!  The bundle is set for an October 12th release, this year, and could be a great pickup for those that held out from early adoption.

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