The Weekly Byte for 8/16/2010

New Releases

Tuesday, 8/17 –

  • Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days – $49.99 – trying to make up for the initial flop
  • City of Heroes : Collection – $39.99 Collection of CoH MMO & expansions
  • Hello Kitty Online – $19.99 Ummm, yeah. I dunno either >:O)

News Bytes

Consumers buying less Nvidia driving GPU changes? Nvidia has reported a 141 million dollar loss for the second quarter of 2010.  Compared to a 105 million dollar loss, during the same period last year, it would seem Nvidia is not quite the cash cow it once was, despite some great new tech on the market.  More interesting is that their earnings report attributes this for a drop in consumer demand for GPU’s and consumers opting for cheaper cards and integrated graphics, rather than a monster new and costly GPU.  Could that benefit the consumers?  Well, we can hope so, because we can clearly see that Nvidia’s earnings report clearly states consumers are tired of paying for high end cards, and voted with their wallets for other options.  As a gamer, my hope is that we see Nvidia optimizing technology to fit a lower budget, without sacrificing performance and lifespan, with their newer cards.

‘Mr McGee, you wouldn’t like me with Rage’. Lots of information permeated QuakeCon 2010, from Dallas, Texas, but it would seem most of it was filled with Rage.  Not only will the game debut on September 13th, of 2011, but John Carmack showed off an amazing tech demo running at 60 frames per second on his iphone.  As much as I am excited to see how Mr. Carmack can revolutionize iphone graphics, I am more excited to see someone make FPS controls for an iphone that aren’t as gimped as they are on the PSP.  You have to see the video to believe it, and although he was running his demo on an iphone 4, he claims it runs smoother than his previous Doom games on a regular 3G.  One interesting Rage demo had all three versions running side by side, to illustrate clarity and resolution changes from platform to platform-which iD has strongly attempted to minimize.  In addition to Rage, there was much to be excited about with updated information on Fallout : New Vegas, Brink and Hunted : The Demon Forge.  I had not realized that Brink had been pushed back until next year, but it looks to be a Team Fortress cooperative team shooter on A-Rod sized doses of steroids.  Brink boasts an amazing graphics engine that seems like a cross between TF2 and Borderlands, with a splash of realism thrown in.  The character customization and creation was part of the highlights, and looks to be extremely promising.  I wonder if TF2 has met it’s match?  Last but not least, iD’s Tech 5 engine will not be licensed out to 3rd party devs, rather stay within Bethesda and iD, and John Carmack has stated that he doubts we will see new iD IP for around 10 years, thoughts?

Speaking of Team Fortress 2, isn’t it about time for another update? No?  Well, you’ll get one anyway!   The least of the new content is not the item trader or the 20 new items and weapons pulled specifically from the Ploycount Contest winners, which can be viewed here.  The greatest would be an unannounced, new game mode for the game!  Brink may be gunning for the team based multiplayer gamers, but it appears that Valve is not resting on it’s laurels and giving up the title.  Could we possibly see the illusive tenth character class in this massive update, as well?  Stay tuned, Valve claims the update will hit next month, so we won’t have to wait long to see!

Fable III is going episodic and print media? Not only will Peter David, of many gaming and sci fi novel fame, be penning an original story in the Fable universe, but those who purchase the book can look forward to a special gift.  Each copy of the novel will include a code that can be used to unlock a unique weapon in the upcoming Fable III game.  So how exactly does one make a sheath for a printing press?

Who likes peanut butter and oysters? OK, me either, but in the spirit of mixing things that weren’t intended, here are a few games that have been announced, with tentative release dates :

  • Tropico 4 – By Kalypso Games for the second quarter of 2011
  • Stronghold 3 – From Southpeak Games and Firefly Studios for first quarter 2011
  • STALKER 2 – From GSC Game World for ‘sometime’ 2012

Geared Up

OK, there was no ‘Geared Up’ last week, you got me.  This week, I don’t have a traditional entry, but with all the buzz this is creating, I couldn’t resist reposting it, here, even if it made the rounds already. Gears of Starcraft???  A Danish modder(not Jordan) has taken the Sarcraft II editing tools and turned the game into a third person shooter, with the player controlling a strange Terran space marine in a tron-themed suit against hordes of Infested Marines.  The video looks amazing, and if it can be taken this far, this soon, I can’t wait to see a full mod.  This can’t hit soon enough, because I’m “Jacked up and ready to go!”.

You can view the video here, Starcraft FPS. (Combat takes place around the 2 1/2 minute mark)

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