The Weekly Byte for 9/13/2010

New Releases

Tuesday, 9/14 –

  • Painkiller Pandemonium – $19.99 – Collection of all the Painkiller games
  • Patrician IV – $39.99 – Medievil  Strategy game

News Bytes

Beenox continues it’s trend of awesome PC ports! Known for handling many past PC ports, Beenox has spread it’s wings and made their own, so far well-reviewed game, Spider-Man : Shattered Dimensions.  A game which did not see a PC release, how ironic?  Well, take heart, true believers, Spidey has been confirmed to be swinging onto PC’s everywhere, later this year!  No dates were given, but the information comes directly from an Activision source, so stay tuned for more details as we expose this web of intrigue!

Breaking news, EA has grown a heart, and ears?! In a stunning revelation, EA’s Need For Speed World will now be completely free.  Yes, no catches, no strings, players can go well beyond the original level 10 cap, previously hitting the E-brake on free players.  In their press release, the game’s developers have said that they have been listening closely to the community feedback, in-game and on the forums, and have decided this will be the best option, for the game.  Oh, but you already paid $20 to unlock the full game?  Fear not, speed racer, EA will be granting you some pretty sweet rides, for rent in the game, so check your inbox for those codes, they should be going out shortly!

King Graham finds a Silver Lining. For those King’s Quest fans out there, Phoenix Online has announced that Episode 2 of it’s fan driven continuation of the PC classic, will be up for download, for free, this Saturday, September 18th.  For those not familiar, the firs Episode became available in July, and has been well received.  Phoenix is a group of completely independent fans of the King;s Quest franchise, who were unhappy with the last game in the series, and wanted to faithfully continue the lore and storyline of the game, with episodic content.  If you’ve ever played a King’s Quest game, you owe it to yourself to check out The Silver Lining!

Steam taking a page from Microsoft?! Relax, Steam fans, this, actually, isn’t a bad thing.  Steam has announced that they will be doing a Steam Wallet system online, now, similar to what XBOX LIVE does with Microsoft points.  Steam members will be able to add money to their Steam Wallet, in increments of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 dollars.  This will not replace the existing option for instant purchases, but will supplement as a way to keep credit, in your account, should you be saving for a release, or have some extra money you want to save as Steam credit.  Personally, I think it’s a great idea, especially for parents who’s kids game on Steam, they have money they want to spend, but nothing to spend it on?  Drop it into the Steam Wallet and they can use it later!  Same goes for an anticipated game release, or someone anxiously awaiting one of the lauded Steam sales.  Now if only Microsoft would take a step back and add instant purchases to XBL…….

Ubisoft serves up a well-concealed wrist knife to the throat of PC players. Well, PC gamers may already be frustrated with Ubisoft, not only because, it seems, all their new releases have hit the $60 price point, but also because of the, well known and invasive, always on DRM scheme, employed by all new releases.  Well, we can add another trending dagger to angry PC gamer’s hands – the fact that none of Ubisoft’s AAA titles has released alongside their console counterparts.  Splinter : Call Conviction saw a delayed release, as did Assassin’s Creed II, and now Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood will follow suit.  Console assassins get their bloody hands on the game on October 4th, but the PC iteration has been pushed back to next year’s first quarter.  Am I the only one that thinks this is a knife to the heart of any excitement for the game’s PC version?

Geared Up

Speaking of game delays, Ubisoft should take a page from Arrowhead Studios, on delay announcements.  I know this isn’t a typical entry, for my Geared Up section, but I wanted to shake things up, and I was impressed enough, by this trailer, that I thought it would make a great feature here.  In a mailing we received from Magicka publisher, Paradox, they have announced both a website for the game, and a delay, humorously presented  in a game trailer.  Even if you are not interested in playing Magicka, an action-adventure RPG, I would still highly recommend viewing the trailer, here, just for the humorous approach that Arrowhead Studios has taken.  It must have taken some time to throw the trailer together, and it’s impossible to be mad at the delay after watching the trailer.  For those that are interested in the game, the official website can be found at, and you can expect to see the game early next year (they are pulling a Blizzard – when it’s done).

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