Hydro Thunder Hurricane “Tempest Pack” DLC Coming in October

Vector Unit, developer of Hydro Thunder Hurricane has announced its first downloadable content pack.  The “Tempest Pack” will add three new exciting gameplay environments, including Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, and Castle Von Boom.  The pack will also contain two brand new expert-class speedboats, along with Gauntlet, Championship, and Ring Master events.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a very entertaining XBLA title, and it was a great addition to Microsofts Summer of Arcade series.  The most enjoyable aspect of the game is trying to beat your friends race time.  Next to every event it will show you what your friends time was in the particular event, and it adds a nice replay value to the title, not too mention bragging rights against your buddies.

No exact release date or pricing has been mentioned for the “Tempest Pack” other than to expect it sometime in October.


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