Dead Rising 2

Mmmm, Zombies. Zombies are growing ever more popular in gaming, they’re found lurking in the hit title Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, and in the  upcoming Red Dead Redemption DLC, “Undead Nightmare.” Dead Rising 2 has finally arrived, it now has co-op and online multiplayer, but does it live up to it’s expectations? Lets get this zombie genocide rolling!

The Story So far…

The Zombie outbreak has spread nationwide, and what’s left of society is still trying to cling to what was. You play as Chuck Greene, who the game quickly establishes that he is indeed, a badass.  The game starts with Chuck competing on the game show “Terror Is Reality”, otherwise known as TIR, where he must compete against other contestants in a twisted challenge known as “Slicecycles.”  After the show is over, Chuck begins to make his way back to his daughter, when suddenly all hell breaks loose. The game really kicks off here, you go to rescue your daughter after slaughtering groups of Zombies with a fire axe, or whatever else you find at your disposal.

Once you’ve reached your daughter, you must then CARRY her and Sparta Kick your way to a bunker/safe house. There you’ll find other characters and learn that (if you haven’t played Case 0) Chuck’s daughter has been bitten and must be treated with a medicine known as Zombrex, it treats but does NOT cure the infection. His daughter needs a dose each day between 7 and 8 A.M., which makes Chuck brave going outside  with the undead in search of Zombrex for his daughter.

The Gameplay

Dead Rising 2 has more than a “few” tricks up it’s sleeve. You can now make your own weapons from a huge variety of combinations, a personal favorite of mine is the Parablower, where you combine a leaf blower and a parasol. Combining weapons is not only fun, but beneficial as it will give you bonus PP (power points don’t be weird) which will result in you leveling up. With each level Chuck gains, he learns skills such as drop kicking, stomping, rolling and so on. Chuck also gets combo cards which reveal combinations of weapons to the player, which can be acquired by killing Psychos or leveling up.

The timer also returns, but trust me you guys who didn’t like it in the first game, it’s really not an issue here. The game is lengthy and you do NOT have to follow the case timers, if you want to just run around and kill zombies no problem it can be done here.  There’s now stores that Chuck can buy items from, the stores are owned by Looters, an enemy you can encounter by going into random markets and so on doing what their name suggests. But twenty grand for an assault rifle and they’ll be your friend! The game does a good job of having A LOT of ways to dispose of your enemies,  this keeps it fresh, though you’ll get a little repetition here and there.

imagesCABWYSQNThose of you who had trouble rescuing survivors in the first game should be happy this time around. The survivors this time around aren’t as silly, meaning they follow you well and can actually defend themselves with items you give them. Some of the survivors are wimpy and won’t take a weapon, those are the ones I usually leave behind to die, but rest assured they’ll follow you and they won’t get hung up NEARLY as easily on zombies as they did in the first game. If they get hurt, you can give them food so that they may heal. A lot of things have improved this aspect of the game.

The Psychos are brutal, they can take damage and dish it back forcing you to play it smart, this usually involves you running like a dumb teen from a slasher flick. You fight anything ranging from, tigers, to chefs, to sadists with chainsaws, and it keeps you on edge!!!!!! What’s cool with this game is that it does manage to have a stable frame rate with all of the madness going on, it will hiccup sometimes but for the majority of the time you play it will be rock solid. All of this is more enjoyable, with a friend of course.

The Online

When playing co-op nothing changes but the amount of fun you have. You and a friend may slaughter thousands of undead, do the story, try to save as many people as you can, WHATEVER it is you can do alone. The only quirks that I dislike are that you can only leave the area when you and your co-op partner are close enough together,  and that usually when someone saves their game the client player gets disconnected. Now what the client player means is that you’re the guest, you’re the one who joined the other person’s game, you can get money  and PP, but their game will NOT effect your game’s story progression UNLESS you beat the game with that other player. Aside from those two things you should have a blast!

Now aside from co-op the Terror Is Reality game show is the theme for the 4 player competitive mode. Think American Gladiator or The Running Man with zombies thrown in. The four players compete against one another through various challenges like Ramsterball or Mastershafter, and ultimately Slicecycles to get the highest score in order to win and get the prize money. The money you win online (you don’t have to win the match in order to get some money) can be transferred over to your single player save, giving you an incentive to play the online as it’s easy to earn.

The Verdict

Dead Rising 2 is an awesome game, especially for you guys who love the old school Dead films or the cult classic The Crazies, it’s almost as if those have been combined. Dead Rising plays great, looks fine, and has plenty of content to keep you going. I can’t recommend it enough, horror and action fans are in for a treat. Be sure to check this title out when you can.

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