Alan Wake: The Writer

The Writer is the last DLC for Alan Wake. I don’t want to give too much away because it’s about an hour-long expansion so there is not much wiggle room. In The Writer you are put into crazy environments created by Alan Wakes mind. These environments are unlike anything you’ve experienced thus far in Alan Wake. Unlike The Signal, The Writer is not very difficult, you are given more than enough ammo and batteries to fight the enemies with. This was a relief as I found the lack of supplies very frustrating when playing The Signal. This allowed me to focus more on the story and what was happening to Alan Wake. I had a hard time following the main game and this DLC was just as confusing to me. My main disappointment with The Writer is that it’s more of a set-up for a sequel than a conclusion to the story of Alan Wake. I do hope we get a sequel soon though as I really enjoyed the gameplay in Alan Wake.

If you were a fan of Alan Wake then The Signal and The Writer are must-downloads. I really enjoyed the insane circumstances of The Writer and I highly recommend it.

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Patrick Adams

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