Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is my latest addiction. It’s an iDevice game that is all about cutting rope. Hence the name. The way it is set up is a lot like Angry Birds. As of the time of this writing there are 4 worlds each containing 25 levels. When you reach a different world a new gameplay element is brought into the mix. The main object of Cut the Rope is to guide a piece of candy, which is usually hanging by a rope, into the mouth of a hungry green creature. It’s not as simple as it sounds. Unlike Angry Birds, in where you can take your time with each action, most of the levels in Cut the Rope require you to act fast and do a precise series of movements to get the piece of candy to where it needs to be.

The art style of Cut the Rope is awesome. I know I’ve said this many times before but art style is a huge factor in whether I am willing to give a game a try or not. Cut the Rope caught my eye right away. It has a very cutesy art style that I really enjoy a lot.

The game can be a little hard at times. I often find it more difficult than Angry Birds. Also the difficulty goes up and down randomly throughout the game. It doesn’t necessarily get progressively harder and harder. This was the same with Angry Birds and I just think it’s a development issue in where it’s hard to get the game to slowly gain in difficulty.

Cut the Rope is an absolute steal at $0.99. There is already a shadow showing there is more content to be released soon so I know this game is going to be supported as much, if not more, than Angry Birds is. I highly suggest you download Cut the Rope now.

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Watch the official trailer below to get a better idea of how Cut the Rope works.

Patrick Adams

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