Reckless Racing

Reckless Racing (formerly Deliverace) is a top down racer developed by PixelBite. This game is unlike anything I’ve played on the iPhone thus far. Like I said in my last review, the iPhone has had some really top-quality games released on it over the past few weeks and Reckless Racing is continuing that trend.

Reckless Racing is an amazing looking game and the controls are tight. I’m not a big racing game fan due to the fact that I am not particularly good at the controls on most of them but RR is very forgiving. The controls are very precise, especially on the beginner mode. For the more seasoned racing game fans there is an “Advanced” mode which lets you really utilize the drifting mechanic. There are 5 different control schemes in which you can pick from as well. Reckless Racing is by far one of the best looking games I’ve played on the iPhone. The environments are very detailed and I often find myself distracted by them due to the fact that they are so beautiful and I just want to stop and look at them. There are 5 tracks and 3 modes as of the writing of this review. Each track has a mirrored version of itself. The 3 modes in the game are: Dirt Rally – just a regular racing mode, Hot Lap – beat your ghost/best lap time, and Delivery – pick up the package with your trailer and haul it to the drop off point, do this as many times as you can in the amount of time given. There is also the option of online multiplayer. You can host your own rooms and race with people over wi-fi or 3G.

My only complaint with Reckless Racing is that it’s very bare bones. There is no career mode and the 5 tracks included get boring fairly fast (even though they look amazing!). Like most games my fingers are crossed that they will continue to support Reckless Racing with new tracks, new modes, etc. This game is amazing it just falls short in the content area. Even though the game doesn’t give you much bang for its buck (currently $2.99) it’s still a great game. It plays great and it looks amazing.

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Check out the trailer below to see what Reckless Racing is all about:

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