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Rockstar’s megahit title has reached gamers from all over the spectrum. Red Dead Redemption has solid gameplay, a great narrative, an amazing atmosphere, and a very addictive multiplayer to boot. Red Dead has set out to make it’s mark on the now popular zombie trend. Does Red Dead have all of the right stuff to make a good zombie themed expansion, or does it take away from the overall experience?

In Undead Nightmare players step back into the boots of John Marston. Undead Nightmare takes place right around when John is reunited with his family, however he’s quickly thrown back into the fire. When misfortune falls upon John’s wife and son, it sets him on another journey in search of a way to help them. John runs into old and new characters ensuring quite a few shockers here and there. There is also a decent amount of laughs to be had as well, but how does the gameplay hold up?

The Gamplay

The horse you've always wanted

To start, Undead Nightmare has added a few goodies for the player to use. The new toys are holy water, a blunderbuss, phosphorus rounds, a torch, and undead bait. Holy water sets zombies ablaze and casts down strikes of lightning to finish them off. The blunderbuss has the ability to take out multiple zombies at once, careful though as it takes a while to load up another shot. Phosphorus rounds allow you to set zombies on fire by simply shooting them, helpful in tight situations. The torch allows you to beat and burn zombies, not very effective when facing numerous enemies. Finally undead bait can be thrown to get zombies off of your back, when combined with dynamite (think pipe bomb from Left 4 Dead) it will not only draw them to the area you threw the bait to, but it will make a nice boom. Throughout single player you will stumble upon towns that are under siege from the zombie horde. The towns have tiers or waves, when you kill zombies a bar moves up and once it hits the maximum limit, it will fill up a circle, that circle represents the tier and or wave. Some cities will have four or more circles that need to be filled, you can not only kill zombies to fill up the circles but you can also give survivors in the towns your ammo to instantly gain a circle. Once the undead are cleared out the town is considered safe, you may now sleep there and not be in fear of zombies attacking you. Know however that the town may be attacked again and that you will have to go and reclaim it. Ammo in Undead Nightmare is scarce, you’re going to have to loot corpses, open chests, and clean out graveyards in order to get well armed. Eventually you’ll be able to loot corpses for their limbs, eyes, bones and so on in order to make ammo for your blunderbuss. This can sometimes make you hesitate when deciding to give survivors ammo. The expansion has also added new mounts such as the four horses of the apocalypse, a unicorn, and a zombie horse if your NORMAL mount dies. Each mount as their own perks, War can set zombies on fire, Death will make their heads explode, Famine never runs out of energy, and Pestilence is near impossible to kill.


"Yeah uh, I'm just gonna hang out over here......."

The multiplayer mode Undead Overrun has been introduced, where four players team up to fight off hordes of undead for as long as they can. When each round starts a coffin will spawn somewhere on the map, if players reach it and open it they will be supplied with ammo and the timer will go up. The timer is not a game timer technically, it shows how much time you have before it goes into sudden death mode. Typically if a player goes down he can be revived, as the sudden death mode obviously suggests the player will die instantly if damaged too much. Sudden death mode also means there will be no more waves,  you will constantly be attacked by zombies until you have no ammo left spelling out almost certain death for you. Undead Overrun is addictive, and  it is always interesting to see what wave players will reach before meeting their doom. Finally the undead themselves are pretty impressive. They do not feel cheaply implemented and they will give you a beating. Undead Nightmare takes a few tips from the Left 4 Dead games as a charger, spitter, and hunter type infected will be out to get you as well. Having the undead surround you is intense, and they show no mercy. But the undead aren’t the only things roaming around, keep an eye out for zombie animals, a Sasquatch, and even a Chupacabra!

The Verdict

Undead Nightmare adds a lot of great content and for ten dollars you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend this expansion for those zombie lovers. The story, settings, everything really makes Undead Nightmare stand up on it’s own two legs. Be sure to check this one out, more Red Dead is never a bad thing.

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  1. yes, very impressive DLC at a surprisingly cheap price. I found some of the repetitive action less compelling then other zombie games but still, you gotta respect Rockstar's production values at work here.

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