EDG Podcast Ep. #86 – Death By Mariachi

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Listen in to our Thanksgiving Community Podcast, where we give thanks to our Community members for their support!  This episode, Chris Maeurer is joined by John aka TigersEye85 and Devious Mr Matt as they discuss everything from Mass Effect through Black Ops in their Now Playing.  Many apologies, but due to some technical difficulties, the random discussion from the second half was lost, leaving us with just the Gone In 60 Seconds and Shout-outs/Recommendations for the second half.  It was a fantastic discussion, regarding topics like Vivendi’s push to sell Harmonix and our own hopes and predictions for the Elder Scrolls V announcement.  Hopefully, we can get John and Matt back, at some point, for a full episode!  I really want to thank them for their continued support and for taking the time out to join us for this episode!  We hope you enjoy, and may God bless your holiday this Thanksgiving!

EDG Podcast Ep. #86


2 thoughts on “EDG Podcast Ep. #86 – Death By Mariachi

  1. Thank you! I had a blast with you guys, we will definitely have to do it again, only this time without the call recorder blunders. Thank you guys! :O)

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