Super Meat Boy

Easily one of the best games to be released on XBL and PSN ever, Super Meat Boy grabs hold and doesn’t let go. Team Meat has stuck gold with this charming little platformer that promises punishment for players, but also promises to keep them coming back for more. Make no mistake, Super Meat Boy will separate the boys from the men quickly. It’s going to be a blood bath, but if you’ve got the wherewithal to pick up what this game is throwing down, you will not be dissapointed. It’s the whole package. The gameplay, music, characters and the art style are all top notch. If you’re a fan of platforming games in anyway… it would be an absolutely crime to skip this one.

Hard… But Fair

One of the great cutscenes

I don’t usually don’t like very difficult games. Old Super Nintendo games use to break me quickly with their unforgiving nature, but I do love Super Meat Boy. The difference is where I place the blame. Those old games we’re hard for the sake of taking longer and often killed you in very unfair ways. Super Meat Boy doesn’t pull anything funny. The controls are simple and the mechanics are rock solid. I never get angry with the game, I only got mad at myself. It’s impossible to feel cheated when you know the only reason you died was because you screwed up, the game’s not at fault. It’s best not to even think about in terms of deaths. It’s just a botched attempt, I’m sure you’ll get it next time…or next time…or next time…etc

The premise can’t be simpler. The Heroine (Bandage Girl) has been taken from Super Meat Boy by the evil Dr. Fetus! Navigate these levels to get her back. Bandage girl is always at the end of the level so you always know where you want to end up, but getting their is the problem. This game doesn’t feature a health bar. You’re either dead or you’re not. Touch anything bad, and you’re right back at the beginning of the level. No load times or game over screen. That is absolutely critical in keeping you playing. The levels are extremely bite size. 15 seconds of well timed jumping will get you through just about any level. They keep the game fresh by introducing new level mechanics such as floor that crumbles away as you run over it or meat boy tracking missiles that hunt you down mercilessly.  It’s all up to how good you can be. Just get to the other side of the level. Sounds simple enough, right?

A Beautiful Game

Watch in horrorThe game features a throw back 16 bit style that is a real treat. Visually it’s gorgeous and the music is fantastic. The characters are adorable and hilarious. You’ll have a hard time finding a more funny game this year. With hysterical throw back cut-scenes to old arcade games, it does the genre justice. The game jumps from making you feel absolutely horrible for a character to laughing in the blink of an eye. It’s a real testament to the level of cared poured into the game that I can understand and relate to characters that never speak. The stages are great as well. The game explores a wide variety of scenes. Anything from a world set in a cute forrest, to a world set in a salt factory. You can also save your replays to post online if you want to drag about your accomplishments. The reason these replays are so worth watching is the fact that you see every single Meat Boy attempt…at the same time. That means if you did die 40 times, 40 meat boys are going to attempt this level in the replay. Only the winning run will make it obviously, but it’s hilarious to watch 15 meat boy’s die in the EXACT same spot.

Content. Lots of it.

Commander Video from Bit.Trip.Runner

If you can get 100 percent completion in this game, my hats off to you. Not only is the main game tough, every single stage has an alternate “Dark World” version where the difficulty is cranked up even further. Their are also bandages placed erratically throughout worlds, and boy they are tough to get. You’re usually going to find them somewhere you don’t want to go. Collect them to unlock even more awesome characters who you can switch to at any point. Yeah, you can play this entire game as a whole selection of familiar characters. Ranging from Commander Video from bit.trip.runner to the Alien from Alien Hominid. Each with their own unique abilities, switching characters can be a great way to get a fresh approach at a level that’s really been kicking your but. You can also unlock characters in “warp zones” which consist of three levels set in the desired characters world. The game even take you back further to 8 bit graphics for a few warp zones,, that includes remixing the music.

In Closing

If this game in anyway sounds like it could be fun for you, go get it. You will not regret the purchase. Super Meat Boy is easily my favorite arcade game title this year, it might be my favorite console arcade title yet.

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