EDG Podcast Ep. #93 – Hardcore Everyday Christian Gamers

We have a really special guest, this week.  We were lucky enough to be joined by Dan Davis, former host of the Hardcore Christian Gamer cast, a show I’m sure a lot of our listeners listened to, at one time.  We got a great chance to discuss what Dan’s been doing since his HCG days, and, for our topic, we got a chance to do a 2010 gaming recap, as well as share some of our favorite HCG cast moments.  The music, this episode, was featured on the album that Dan has been working on, if you enjoy it, as much as I do, check out the links below and support them with downloads and reviews.

EDG Podcast Ep. #93

Music by Judah, RESOUND and AWAKEN LOVE, from the debut album Resound

Dan Davis was heavily involved in the recording and production of Judah’s debut album, if you like the music, support them here:

Judah on itunes

Time Stamps :

What We’ve Been Playing – 22:25

Gaming 2010 Recap – 49:36

Favorite HCG Moments – 1:16:45

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