State of the Paradox

Many of us may not be familiar with Paradox Interactive, but, if you enjoy PC games, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Paradox is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and they are best known for providing in-depth, white knuckle strategy games, for the PC.  Paradox has a bit of a niche audience, but they are insanely loyal to their fanbase, and they have been seeing some great success, as of late.  The coming years seem to show now signs of Paradox resting on their laurels, they just closed their convention in Times Square, NYC, released the newest of their games, Magicka, and announced an awesome lineup of both paid and free games.  So, if you don’t know about Paradox, get used to hearing the name because they will be on gamer’s lips and screens for ages to come!

What is Magicka?

Before I hail the coming releases and announcements from the Paradox Convention, I’m sure, by now we have all heard of Magicka.  Unfortunately, what you’ve heard may not be good, but I can assure, from my own time with the game, this is a title to watch!  Magicka offers 4 player co-op, or single player, over a campaign putting the player in the shoes of an up-and-coming mage.  You have access to a variety of elements, and it is only through combinations of these basic elements that you can wield defensive and offensive spells to combat various monsters and attain your goals.  Don’t be fooled by the simplistic sounding gameplay, there is an endless variety of spell combinations to learn–some from experimentation and some from tomes found in the game.  The game plays the same story over single and multiplayer, and even has survival match options to hone your spell-casting abilities.  It retails for $9.99, at your favorite digital distribution site, and has already sold 30,000 copies in it’s first day on Steam!  Magicka has gotten a bit of a bad rep for some mulitplayer bugs, I have not had any game breaking bugs in the single-player, and there is local and LAN co-op available, until those issues get patched.  Don’t let the naysayers fool you, Magicka is definitely worth your ten bucks, and your attention, I will be doing a full review in the very near future.

As of this writing, the third patch is waiting to be deployed by Steam, so those bugs should be a thing of the past! Details can be found here.

To The Convention and Beyond!

Last week, Paradox held a convention, in Times Square NY, with tons of details about projects in the works for this year and next.  Just browsing through some of the material, it looks like they are shooting for the stars, and we can’t wait to see how it goes!  Games discussed at the convention included:

  • Hearts of Iron III : For The Motherland – a new expansion to the already vast military strategy title, offering new material in the form of coups, politics and more.
  • Mount & Blade : With Fire and Sword – Hugely successful franchise, Mount & Blade, will be getting a new expansione.  The previous game, and it’s expansion, Warband, were very popular in Europe and here in the states, and even more so with the mod community.  The game is an open world, medieval rpg/sim, and it’s new expansion will pull the franchise into the mid 1600’s, adding flint lock weapons to the bow and arrow ranged weapon choices.  New multiplayer features and siege mechanics are also planned.
  • Defenders of Ardania – A game birthed from the lineage of Majesty 2, and set as a tower defense game for the ipad and PC.
  • Pirates of the Black Cove – An interesting looking pirate sim, blending RTS and action-RPG elements to command your deck swabbers and pirates.

The biggest announcement, seems to be the details of Paradox’s new online service, Paradox Connect.  Not only will Paradox Connect offer a little something for every play type, the four heavy-hitting titles announced will all be free to play, though the service.

  • Dreamlords : Resurrection – A free online MMO/RTS, complete with clan play, crafting, achievements and unit progression, and offering both PvE and PvP competition.
  • Gettysburg : Armored Warfare – An alternate history FPS/RTS hybrid, taking place during the civil war era and including some grand scale battles and vehicular combat.
  • Hearts of Iron : The Card Game – A free to play, browser based collectible card game, based on the successful Heart of Iron franchise.  I’m sure we can expect lots of political strategy and tank battles in card form!
  • Salem – Another free to play MMO, set in a more mythical New England.  Be careful on your adventures in the New World, because once you die, your character is lost!

Not much else was detailed about the Paradox Connect service, but I am certainly intrigued.  Allegedly, we will see all four of these titles within this calendar year.  Paradox offered lots of new info on many of their other announced titles, and if you are interested in any of their games, I implore you to seek more information on their Homepage, their Facebook Page or their Twitter feed!

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