Verizon iPhone Beginner’s Guide – Best Apps and Games

After a lot of rumors and speculations that the iPhone was coming to Verizon the day has finally come, this means there will be a handful of people not familiar with the iPhone and the apps that are available for download on it. For those of you that are not familiar with the iPhone app store it can be kind of overwhelming. A lot of time has passed since the app store opened and a lot of great apps and games may no longer be in the spotlight. This guide was created to help you pick out the apps worth downloading. I’ve included links that will take you directly to the app in iTunes. I’ve also included reviews if we reviewed the game here on Everyday Gamers. These are in no particular order.

Free Apps

Everyday Gamers – The official app of – InfoiTunes Link
The Weather Channel – A great alternative weather app – iTunes Link
Ski Report – A great way to keep up with slope conditions – iTunes Link
Retina Wallpapers – The best wallpaper app out there – iTunes Link
Netflix – Watch Netflix movies on your iPhone – iTunes Link
Flixster – Keep up to date with upcoming movies, check what’s playing in theaters, watch trailers, etc – iTunes Link
Bible – Best Bible app on the iPhone, has every translation you can think of as well as reading plans – iTunes Link
IMDb – The Internet Movie Database in iPhone format – iTunes Link
TextNow – A great texting application – iTunes Link
Pandora – Listen to Pandora on your iPhone – iTunes Link
Shazam – Tag music to see the artist and song name – iTunes Link
Beatwave – A cool and easy way to make great sounding music – iTunes Link
Facebook – Facebook on your iPhone – iTunes Link
Twitter – The official Twitter application – iTunes Link
Amazon Mobile – The greatness of Amazon right in the palm of your hand – iTunes Link
Skype – Call anyone in the world with Skype, video chat now available – iTunes Link
Giant Bomb – The official app of the online video game database – iTunes Link
Serenade – Share what you are currently listening to with friends on Twitter – iTunes Link
Instagram – Share and edit photos – iTunes Link
RedBox – Reserve Red Box movies right from your phone – iTunes Link
IntoNow – Lets you tag TV shows and share them with people on Twitter and Facebook – iTunes Link

Free Games

Pocket Frogs – A great frog breeding simulation game, highly addictive – ReviewiTunes Link
Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift – A free holiday version of Cut the Rope – iTunes Link
Star Defense Prelude – A great way to get a taste of one of the best TD games on the iPhone – iTunes Link

Paid Apps

TV Forecast – $1.99 – Find out when your favorite TV shows are on – iTunes Link
NewsRack – $4.99 – The best RSS app available – iTunes Link
AwesomeNote – $3.99 – A full-featured note taking app – iTunes Link
ConvertBot – $1.99 – Convert anything to anything with this conversion app – iTunes Link
Hipstamatic – $1.99 – A great way to take pictures that look awesome – iTunes Link
Pano – $1.99 – The best way to take awesome panoramic pictures – iTunes Link
StopMotion Recorder – $0.99 – Make funny stop-motion videos with this app – iTunes Link
Flashlight+ – $0.99 – The best flashlight app in the app store – iTunes Link

Paid Games

Dead Space – $6.99 – One of the best third-person shooters on the iPhone – iTunes Link
N.O.V.A. 1 & 2 – $4.99 and $6.99 – The best first-person shooter on the iPhone – 1. iTunes Link – 2. iTunes Link
Cut the Rope – $0.99 – Very popular game with highly addictive gameplay – ReviewiTunes Link
GameDevStory – $2.99 – Any gamer should play this. It’s a game development simulation game – iTunes Link
Angry Birds – $0.99 – One of the most popular mobile games out there – iTunes Link
Angry Birds Seasons – $0.99 – More Angry Birds levels based off of the seasons – iTunes Link
iBomber Defense – $2.99 – A great, highly-polished tower defense game – Review – iTunes Link
Reckless Racing – $0.99 – A top-down racing game that has amazing graphics – Review – iTunes Link
Trainyard – $0.99 – The hardest, most brutal puzzle game I ever beat. Very addictive – Review – iTunes Link
Fruit Ninja – $0.99 – Chop fruit and get points. Feel like a ninja – iTunes Link
Words with Friends – $2.99 – Scrabble played with friends across the world – ReviewiTunes Link
Dizzy Bee 1 & 2 – $0.99 Each – A great physics game – 1. Review2. Review1. iTunes Link2. iTunes Link
Eliss – $4.99 – The best way to understand this game is to watch a video of it – ReviewiTunes Link
Edge – $2.99 – Take control of a block and move from point A to point B – ReviewiTunes Link
Flight Control – $0.99 – Direct planes to their landing pads by drawing a line – iTunes Link
Harbor Master – $1.99 – Like flight control but with boats – iTunes Link
Helsing’s Fire – $0.99 – You use light reflection and potions to kill enemies – ReviewiTunes Link
iDracula – $2.99 – A great survival shooter game – Review – iTunes Link
Labyrinth 2 – $4.99 – The most crazy marble labyrinth game you’ll ever play – ReviewiTunes Link
Peggle – $2.99 – Shoot a marble and try to hit as many pegs you can with it – ReviewiTunes Link
Plants vs. Zombies – $2.99 – Pop-Caps take on tower defense games – iTunes Link
GTA: Chinatown Wars – $9.99 – Top-down Grand Theft Auto on your iPhone. This game is awesome – iTunes Link
Star Defense – $0.99 – The best tower defense game on the iPhone – iTunes Link
ARDefender – $0.99 – My first taste of Augmented Reality gaming. You have to try this one – ReviewiTunes Link

Patrick Adams

I am the founder/creator of Everyday Gamers. I am a husband, father, and gamer. You can find me as CrownOfThornz on Xbox Live, PS3, and Twitter.

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