EDG Podcast Ep. #100 – The REAL 100

It is finally here! EDG Podcast 100 hits the airwaves with Eric Bouchard, Chris Maeurer, Jordan de Boer, Patrick Adams, David Lange and Kyle Stroud hosting. Hilarity ensues as this group attempts to share some of the various stories from the first 100 Episodes and gives away several prizes to those who entered the EDG Ep. #100 Giveaway Contest.

We would like to send a special thank you to all of our listeners. We would never have made it to Episode 100 without your support, and we can only hope you will join us for the next 100 Episodes.

That’s right, guys. I am committing us to 100 more. Got a problem with that?

EDG Podcast Ep. #100

Music: ‘Sony Lies (Parody of Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’)’ by Chris Maeurer and ‘Three Red Rings (Parody of Mr. Mister’s ‘Broken Wings’)’ by Eric Bouchard


What We’ve Been Playing – 28:30

Sony Lies parody – 1:16:15

Contest Giveaways – 1:20:00

Questions from Twitter – 1:44:45

Three Red Rings parody – 2:22:58

Eric Bouchard

I am the Senior Editor and current Admin for Everyday Gamers as well as the primary editor of the podcast. While I tend to gravitate towards shooters or RPGs, I will play any genre of game which catches my eye.

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