Homefront: Multiplayer

Homefront has arrived and has seen MANY mixed reactions. Developed by Kaos Studios, the ones responsible for the hit Battlefield mod Desert Combat, and Frontlines Fuels of War, the team has shown their focus is on the multiplayer experience. But how does  Homefront hold up to the hype? Does it dethrone Call of Duty and crush Battlefield? Read on! WOLVERINES!!!!!!!

The Experience

Homefront takes from both Battlefield and Call of Duty to craft on experience of it’s own. The game takes the perk system straight from Call of Duty and instead of Killstreaks there are Battle Points. These points are earned from getting kills, capturing objectives, scouting out enemies in a drone, and assisting teammates. Once you’ve accumulated enough points you may purchase vehicles and equipment of your liking. The catch is you may only get vehicles when you are spawning, but equipment like the RPG and or Flak Jacket may be purchased ingame to quickly counter threats.

Zero, zero, six-two niner.......

You can customize a weapon of your choosing, though there’s not much of a variety. Things like grenade and shotgun attachments, camos, scopes, clan tags, can all give your gun a personal touch. The combat is fun, the servers (Oh believe me we’ll get into the servers later) can manage to get 32 players in a game and run fairly well. Having a high body count is fun regardless if the game doesn’t have destructible environments like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Though the lack of a squad system and squad spawn option is almost unacceptable as you’re battling 16 other players for bases on the map in a team based game. Spawning away from the action and letting the other team get the lead is a buzz kill, and it makes things feel one sided. BELIEVE ME dying, spawning, and running all the way back to die again is lame. It makes you question why you can even join a game with friends…..

The game unfortunately doesn’t have that many maps, nor are they really interesting. Seeing restaurants like Hooters and White Castle are cool for authenticity reasons but it doesn’t change the game and that’s something you’ll overlook eventually. Homefront has great ideas, but they could have been executed better, by no means are they bad though. You’ll level up and unlock more perks, guns, and equipment, Call of Duty’s system is essentially the same. It has the basic game modes, Ground Control is where players capture points, Team Deathmatch is just that, and so on. Finally the character models seem a bit off, they’re camos are really bright and are too noticeable. Seeing Marines in bright green and KPA in red and white run through suburb areas takes immersion away. Finally the game’s main problem is a technical one. Sometimes the servers act up and it’s hard to impossible to find a game. It’s guaranteed to anger as you payed to play a game online, but only when it wants to work…..

The Verdict

The game has it’s problems but it’s fun, it just doesn’t do anything new. It has solid gameplay and a good competitive experience. The art style is cool however weak textures bring it down on console. If you like the idea of Call of Duty mixed with Battlefield check the game out. Though it’s problems make it hard to recommend.

For more on Homefront’s single player go here to see Kevin Clark’s review. http://everydaygamers.com/2011/03/28/homefront-single-player/

I believe his review is spot on and it shares my thoughts, I highly recommend you read it before making your final decision on whether or not to check the game out..

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