Super Street Fighter IV 3DS

When I first saw the 3DS at E3 last year, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted one. The sleek design and impressive 3D graphics had me hooked. As it came closer to time to order it, however, I found myself facing a bit of a dilemma: I had know idea what game I should buy first.

While the 3DS impressed me, the list of launch titles did not. Not being a huge fan of racers, I was not really looking forward to Ridge Racer or Asphalt 5. The Pro Evolution Soccer games had a good reputation, but sports games have not generally done well on handhelds. Pilot Wings was of no interest to me, and most of the others were just not really aimed at me.

With my other options not really wowing me, that pretty much left me choosing Super Street Fighter IV 3DS by default. Now I really enjoyed Street Fighter IV on the 360, and the reviews for the game were good, but I was a little concerned with how Capcom’s fighting series was really going to translate to Nintendo’s latest portable gaming device.

Turns out I had no need to worry. Super Street Fighter IV is the equivalent of the killer app for the 3DS.

Here Comes a New Challenger

The game looks even better than this when you see it in 3D.

The first thing you will notice when you start up Super Street Fighter IV 3DS is it looks amazing. The graphics on the 3DS are so far above and beyond anything the original DS can do. While you will notice some pixelation if you look closely, you will be impressed with how far Nintendo has come. The characters, the moves, the stages…. They all look fantastic. Granted, you do not judge a game on graphics alone, but seeing they actually do look good on this system helps.

The 3D effects are rather nice as well. All of the stages have 3D effects in both background and foreground, and they manage to add a nice touch to the game while not distracting from the fights themselves. There is a 3D versus mode which uses a dynamic camera behind the characters to add even more 3D effects, but seeing characters battle 2D with this 3D dynamic camera actually does not really work.

As good as the graphics are, it is the gameplay that determines whether or not a fighter is worth playing. Many people, myself included, wondered just how the controls would translate to Nintendo’s new handheld. The answer: magnificently. The thumb circle works great for moving characters, much better than the thumbsticks on console controllers do, making pulling off special moves much easier than anticipated. The button layout is the same as the old

3D Versus may look good, but I find it hard to play this way.

games on the SNES, so anyone who played Street Fighter II on that console will have no trouble adjusting. On top of that, 4 moves for each player can be mapped to the touch screen in four separate quadrants. By default, they have a super combo, an ultra combo and two special moves set up, but you can actually customize that for each one. If you feel like that is cheating, you can turn that feature off. Personally, I like having them there.

So, the game has excellent graphics and tight controls. What else might you be worried about when it comes to porting a fighter to the 3DS? Ah yes; you might be concerned it is a stripped down version of the game.

That could not be further from the truth.

A Worthy Opponent

The console editions of Super Street Fighter IV are known for their various game modes, and the 3DS version includes the overwhelming majority of them. Along with the standard arcade and 3D versus modes, you have the challenge mode including trials and the bonus rounds (car destruction and barrel smashing), training and internet battles. The arcade mode has all the battles, characters and rounds you would expect. Challenge modes give you a chance to not

Figurine collection may not be for everyone, but it is good to see Capcom using the StreetPass.

only unlock more player titles, but they teach you many of the combos the various characters can perform. Training lets you pick specific enemies to battle and characters to play to learn how they control. Internet battles let you take you fights online, and thanks to the combination of the one friend code per console and Capcom’s ability to actually make fighting game battles over internet work, battling online has never felt better on a handheld device. The only thing missing from the online experience is the ability to set up tournaments.

On top of these modes, Capcom has thrown in a nod to Nintendo’s StreetPass with figure collecting. As you play the game, you receive player points which can be used on the equivalent of a Street Fighter figurine roulette wheel to earn different characters at different levels. You then select five of these figurines to make up your StreetPass team. With the team set and StreetPass turned on for the game, if you pass someone else with the game, your teams will do battle. While I have many different figurines from this mode, I have not run across anyone else with  the game yet, so I do not know exactly what affect this will have. Even with no real way to test it, however, I appreciate the fact Capcom included it in the game.

The Future of Fighting Games?

By now, I am sure you have caught onto the fact that I am very impressed with the port of Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS. So impressed, in fact, that I want to see more fighting games brought to the platform. I am really looking forward to trying out both Dead or Alive Dimensions and the Blaz Blue games which are being made for the system. This game has shown me that the 3DS could easily become my favorite platform for fighting games, something I never expected to be saying. Think I am overstating things a bit? If so, do yourself a favor: go to a GameStop where they have the game setup on their in store 3DS and try it for yourself. I think you will be impressed as well.

Super Street Fighter IV 3DS gets a 5 out of 5.

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