Brink is a game that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. For some odd reason it may have even been my most-anticipated game of 2011. I was very intrigued by the parkour style of getting around the environments and I was a huge fan of the art direction they decided to take. Brink in my mind was awesome. Brink in real life…not so much.

Brink is a multiplayer, objective-based game brought to us by Splash Damage. The game consists of three main modes which are: Campaign, Freeplay, and Challenges. Each of the modes feel almost identical. The campaign mode is a series of 16 missions (8 Resistance missions and 8 Security missions) that progress you through a story. Freeplay is what some people are referring to as “multiplayer” which is incorrect because all modes can be played with real people online. Freeplay is more like a quickplay mode where you can jump right in and play a match with people online. Challenge mode is where you can complete challenges to help you improve your game, kind of like a big tutorial. You also unlock weapons and attachments by completing the challenges.

Like I said before, all the modes feel exactly the same. In all the modes you are to complete whatever objective is presented to you in the match or mission. You can do it with friends or with bots, its up to you. So whether you are playing the campaign or freeplay you will experience basically the same thing in each mode which is to complete objective after objective after objective. For example you may have to hack and destroy a safe, guard a door, or protect a person as they stumble through a compound. All of these objectives consist of the same thing: KILL THE ENEMY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

While I could go on about all the classes, features, options, etc. I find that pointless because I don’t think it changes the staleness of the game. Therefore the rest of my review will consist of things I did not like about the game.

While the parkour is fun, the character movement does not feel fluid enough to feel like you are really a parkour pro. The speed of the game is a lot slower than I would have liked it to be. Even the lightest body type is still not fast. I’ve been playing Crysis 2 recently and that is what I call fast. Mix that speed with the SMART parkour of Brink and you have yourself the movement I was looking for. Another complaint of mine is the spawn points, they are so far from some of the objectives that it becomes very repetitive running back to the objective every time you die. Most of my time was spent running to the battle than actually engaging in it. I would die so quickly and barely ever get healed so I almost always had to respawn back at the respawn points which were miles away.

This game should only ever be played with real human players, not bots. The AI is horrible. When playing with bots the game feels pointless, honestly. For me it consisted of shooting the enemy all by myself because the AI was too stupid to help and then the same enemies that I just worked to kill would respawn and come right back to the same point within 20 seconds. Most of the time I felt like the only thing I could do was just try to run past the enemy to get to the objective point and hope not to die. It was very disheartening when I played one of the campaign missions for about 35 minutes completing 3 out of the 4 objectives only to have run out of time because I couldn’t complete the last objective. The reason that sucks is because if you fail the mission you have to start it all over from the beginning. There are no checkpoints. Not cool. While I am sure they look great on PC, the graphics on the 360 were lackluster. I’ve seen screenshots on the website and expected this game to look a lot better than it does.

To be honest, I really wanted to like Brink. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time and maybe my expectations were through the roof but I really cannot find fun in this game. I’ve gone back to it many times in hopes that I would find the magic in Brink but it’s just not there. I think it’s time I put this one to bed and starting looking forward to the games coming out in the next few weeks.

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If you want a rundown of the game and would like to see it in action check out my campaign walkthrough video below:

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