Video Game Apocalypse: Day 2

News time children! It’s Day 2 of our apocalyptic journey.

Fallout 3

(Xbox 360, Ps3, PC)

Where would our apocalyptic week be without stepping out into the Wasteland? Fallout 3, the popular open world RPG from Bethesda Studios, places players in a post-nuclear apocalyptic Washington D.C. area. The Earth has been badly scarred by the nuclear world war that occurred several years before. Human life has been reduced to handfuls of survivors. Everything seems, contaminated by radiation and if the radiation doesn’t kill you, the mutated animals, landmines, scavengers, raiders, feral ghouls, and super mutants certainly will! While mankind struggles to survive, all isn’t as bleak as it seems. Pockets of civilization appear to be emerging again and begin building themselves up around the wreckage of the past to survive into the future. In the game, you go from Wasteland straggle to Wasteland master…but how you there is your choice.

One of the great things about this game is it lets you play as you see fit. From the moment your character leaves the “safety” of Vault 101, you are given the freedom to go wherever, whenever you want. You never know who you’ll encounter in either direction you travel. Wherever you go there always seems to be new surprises and people looking for help. The game also gives players several choices throughout missions. While these choices are your generic chocolate or vanilla flavors (aka: apparent good vs. evil), the consequences are great between choices and creates a unique experience individual to the player. Whole cities can be saved or leveled based on the simple choice of helping someone you just met.

The combat also does a wonderful job blending a mix of first person shooter and RPG shooting using the V.A.T.S. (Vault-tech Assisted Targeting System). Activating V.A.T.S. stops the action and zooms in an enemy and allows you to pick a specific region to attack along with a probability of hitting that region. Once all V.A.T.S. selections are made, the game goes into a satisfying slow-mo showing your character shooting at the enemy. While it sounds like it may slow the pacing of the game it doesn’t.

It felt good to step back into the dusty world of the Wasteland and travel down the blown apart trail. The game is huge and is made even bigger with all its expansion packs. Hopefully I can bring my 360 and game with me to the other side on Saturday so I can finish it. It might just take me close to eternity to complete it all the way.

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