Video Game Apocalypse: Day 3

Don’t lie. I’m sure all of us have thought at one point in time, “What would I do if there ever was a zombie attack?”.  I’m double sure many of us have created several zombie survival plans in our head or even have them written down (I myself have 7 different plans). It may sound like science fiction, but there are insects and parasites in real life that have the ability to mind control their hosts. Parasitic spiny-head worms, green jeweled wasps, and many more parasites are out there are just waiting to control another species for its own purpose. Is it so farfetched, then, that our world is doomed to be destroyed by a virus/parasite that turns humans into brain craving lunatics?  Okay, maybe it is.  But in Day 3’s game we get to experience this world overrun with people who want a piece of your mind.

Left 4 Dead 2

(Xbox 360, PC)

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 take on that popular idea of being an immune survivor to a disease which has turned much of your race into mindless zombies. The concept is fairly simple and straight forward. You are paired up with three other survivors and must try to get from point A to point B without becoming finger food for the zombies. You are given an array of weapons to kill the many zombies that stand between you and your quest. These zombies aren’t your typical Dawn of the Dead zombies where they do the Michael Jackson shuffle towards you. These zombies are the 28 Days Later types of zombies that come barreling at you full force. Alone or in small packs, they aren’t a problem, but when a horde comes rushing in on you from every direction you will need your wits and team around you. Especially when the special infected move in.

What really makes left 4 Dead stand out is its online modes. You can team up with three friends to fight alongside you through the campaign or go into one of the several versus modes Left 4 Dead has and play as both survivors and the infected. And don’t think you can become the lone wolf of the team and go blasting off into the sunset by yourself. Teamwork is essential in this game. Without it, you will find yourself being turned into a play toy for the special infected.

Not only is it good practice for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, Left 4 Dead is an incredibly fun game and one that is made even better when you’re able to play it with friends.

Day 4 Preview: Only two words needed. Crowbar and cake.

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