Video Game Apocalypse: Day 5

Well folks, this looks like our last day. Our apocalyptic journey has let us play through worlds destroyed by demons and angels, wastelands created from nuclear war, worlds overrun with zombies, and humans enslaved by an alien race. Today’s game takes out all of that…No zombies or nuclear war, no alien races or crazy robots…No gods. No kings. Only man.


(Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

I can think of no better game to end the world with than with Bioshock. Not only is it one of my favorite games of all time, but the setting for the game is a perfect fit for May 21st. Welcome to Rapture. The moment you step foot into the entrance of Rapture you can tell this will be an experience unlike most games out there. A giant statue of Andrew Ryan looms over you holding a banner with “No gods or kings. Only Man.” on it. From there, you plunge into the dark and disturbing world of Rapture. Rapture makes its home at the bottom of the ocean floor. The buildings and art are crafted in a style that is a mixture of Steampunk and Art Deco. When the neon lights are on, it can be a place of great inspiration and beauty, but when the lights go out (and most of them are), paranoia and monsters await you in the shadows. It is very quick to see, this is a world tearing itself apart.

Bioshock takes us into a world where mankind is freed from rules and authority. Where freedom of science, art, and imagination can run wild. Andrew Ryan, the creator of Rapture, built the city with cues taken from Ayn Rand’s Objectivism philosophy. But while the philosophy inspires Rapture, it’s the intensity that builds it. Each character you meet seems to embody this self idealism and intensity. You go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole trying to uncover the truth about this city in ruins. What you find at the bottom is a disturbing and cautionary tale of human behavior and the dangers of total unquestioning belief.


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