The Noob’s Guide To Terraria


Digging Deeper

The beauty of this sandbox game is that the rest is completely up to you.  No, I won’t shove you off into a mine without some more pointers, but there is no set path once you have your bare essentials.  The essence of the game is exploration and crafting, and that will determine how far you want to push and how quickly you want to do it.  Get yourself a fresh stockpile of wood, and some more gels and start stacking torches, you’ll need them.  Also, notice the acorns you get from cutting trees with your axe, go green and plant those, you’ll be thankful that your wood supply replenishes when you do!  It’s not an uncommon idea to leave a portion of the topside bare, specifically for harvesting trees and obtain their much needed wood.  Very little is found on the surface, you’ll need to start digging at some point, that’s where the pick comes in right?  Take it slow at the onset.  If you have enough wood, craft yourself some wood planks.  The planks make great makeshift mine ledges, and they’re great for covering your mine opening and keeping Demon Eyes out.  Slimes are more prevalent below the surface, but zombies will follow you down to shallow depths, so be on the lookout when you are mining at night.  Do not forget that should your hero fall, everything in his inventory stays right where you die–it can be frustrating to have to reclaim it, plan ahead!


Ores Well That Ends Well

Copper is the first ore that you are likely to find in abundance.  Resist the urge to cover everything in copper and make only what you need.  Your tools should be fine, for now, they are copper already.  A quick word on tools though, I always upgrade my pick axe first–you will use it far more and it will defend you in a pinch.  Holding a left click keeps a constant swing and can be used to defend when backed into a corner by numerous enemies.  Armor would be a good first priority, you will find iron, silver and gold so start with what you have the most of and then work to fashion better armor, you’ll need the defense buffs.  Gather lots of stone, a little wood and a couple torches and you’ll be able to make a furnace, opening up many new crafting options, like smelting metals.  Find enough iron to smelt 5 iron bars, and you’ll be able to make an anvil in your crafting station–only then can you turn those bars into weapons and armor.  See how the progression works?


Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast

Don’t get overwhelmed, set small goals for yourself.  Chandeliers look nice, but don’t get hung up trying to craft chains and make them.  Do some research, find the items you want, look for the materials you need and progress at your own pace.  You won’t be doing the cool things in the Version 1.1 videos overnight.  The whole point is to explore and have fun, not to rush to get the coolest stuff and be bored!  A few parting pieces of advice :

  • Chests are your friend, find them, empty them, use a hammer to pick them up and bring them home for storage! You’ll thank me!
  • You will find a lot of cool items, weapons, potions and other neat things–don’t try to store them all!  Find what you like, leave the rest in chests or barrels at home, especially valuable ores, bars and gems.  You want to leave inventory room for all the new things you will find, not the 200 you are trying to carry with you.
  • Make those NPC homes!  After gaining 50 Silver, the Shopkeeper will come into your world.  Find and use your first Crystal Heart, and the Nurse will inhabit the world.  Find explosive items and the Demolitions Expert will now be available.  There are a few others, but those will be your starters, shelter them (yes, and the Guide,too,harumph).
  • Keep making trips to the surface for wood and keep a stockpile of torches, they are your only source of light for a while.  Digging without them is not recommended.
  • Don’t stray overly far from your home for the beginning.  As you do progress, set up shop at deeper levels by crafting yourself an underground home—clear out the space that you need and bring supplies down from above, even crafting stations if need be.  FYI, a beautiful addition of the 1.1 patch is that NPC’s will inhabit those underground homes, saving you a trip to the surface to shop!
  • Keep an eye out for blinking lights underground, they come in a couple flavors: Blinkroot(used for potions), Crystal Hearts, Demon Altars and Jelly fish, most commonly.  Crystal Hearts increase your health, Jellyfish usually yield glowsticks and Demon Altars are used to craft items used to summon boss characters(don’t get ahead of yourself now, lol).
  • Beware water!  Use glowsticks to check for depth and don’t get yourself in a hole you can’t get out of!  You only have limited breath underwater, so make sure you can dig out before you fall too deep in.  Water will flow if you can dig the bottom of a pool out, in a pinch.
  • Collecting cobwebs will yield silk.  Earn enough silk and you can make a bed with some silk and wood (provided you made a sawmill from a chain, iron and wood).  Place your bed in a safe place, right-click on it and you have now reset your spawn point!  Ta-Da!
  • Once you find some sand, craft a glass to place on your table or workbench and you will unlock Alchemy.  Experiment with all kinds of potions, there’s some great ones!
  • Worlds are randomly generated, no matter how many goodies you find in one, load up your character’s inventory and move him to a new world when you get bored!  It is cool to start a new world with that upper hand and cool gear you didn’t have the first time out!
  • As you get better, push towards getting that Mining Helmet from the Shopkeeper, man will you be glad when you do!  Don’t forget, you can equip sturdy gear for stat perks and gear in the social slots so your hero looks spiffy and still retains that +5 Defense!
  • Don’t forget that half the fun of the game is the imagination used in building.  Kind of like a kid with a carton of legos, you can build whatever kind of structures, mansions or landscape you want.  Have a blast making crazy houses, insane caverns and doing whatever you want to shape your surroundings!

Above all, have fun!  Terraria is the most relaxing amount of fun I’ve found in a game since I can’t remember when.  Go explore and have a blast!

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