Review: Run Roo Run!

Run Roo Run is a nice little suprise from 5th Cell, makers of Scribblenauts and the upcoming Hybrid for XBLA. Run Roo Run is a platformer in which you control a little kangaroo over obstacles by tapping to jump. The gameplay is very basic in that you don’t control Roo you only tap to start him moving on his own and tap again when you want to jump. I guess you could say it’s similar to Toki Tori in ways. I’m not a huge fan of automatic “movement” in games but Run Roo Run does it great.

Run Roo Run has crisp clean graphics with bright colors which is very pleasing to the eye. Each world introduces a new gameplay mechanic such as double-jumping, sliding on sludge, pushing switches, gravity changes, etc. Each world focuses on that new gameplay so much that the game almost feels like one big tutorial preparing you for whats ahead. The only problem is that it doesn’t stray from that style at all and the levels never get truly difficulty. This is not a huge problem for me as I like easy games that I can play in chunks. Run Roo Run is perfect because it doesn’t take much time and you will find yourself flying through it with no problems.

Besides never really getting off it’s feet from feeling like one big tutorial Run Roo Run is an awesome game. I love the graphics and I love the simplistic gameplay mechanics. I highly suggest this game to anyone as it’s only $0.99 and well worth it. 5th Cell is also promising 10 new levels a week for free so I think I’ll be coming back to this game often.

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