Borderlands 2 Possible GOTY?

In honor of Borderlands 2 releasing this year my cousins and I have started playing through the original, this being my second playthrough and my cousins first. The first time I played through Borderlands I did it alone and enjoyed it thoroughly, enough to mark it as my Game of the Year for 2009. I have to say it is that much better playing it cooperatively. Going through the game a second time almost 2 years after it’s release has me noticeing a lot of the nuances and weird gameplay design that many people put aside in the name of FUN. Looking at these things only makes me more excited for the sequel because I know it will only improve an already awesome foundation. After watching the latest trailer which came with the September 18th release date announcement I am even more excited. This game looks amazing and could easily trump BioShock Infinite as my Game of the Year for 2011, maybe even top the list for my top 10 favorite games of all time. Who knows? All I do know for sure is that September 18th cannot come soon enough. Looks like we’ll have plenty of time to get 100% in the original Borderlands and all of it’s DLC. Below is probably the most epic game trailer I’ve ever watched…and they don’t leave anything out.

Patrick Adams

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