Push Play Ep. #2 – Chrono Trigger

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You knew it had to happen. In this episode of Push Play, Eric Bouchard shares some of his favorite music from Chrono Trigger.

Push Play Ep. #2


“Guardia Millennial Fair” – 3:06

“Secret of the Forest” – 5:30

“Frog’s Theme” – 8:34

“Kingdom Trial” – 9:53

“Lavos’ Theme” – 12:14

“Robo’s Theme” – 15:20

“Showdown with Magus” – 16:31

“Undersea Palace” – 18:23

“Ayla’s Theme” – 20:36

“Last Battle” – 21:57

“Chrono Trigger Medley” – 24:29


The music in the background of the first segment is the Chrono Trigger Theme.

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