Review: Warp

I heard about Warp around the time of PAX East 2011 and it definitely caught my attention. The developers were saying it was going to be released sometime in the summer so I was pretty excited. Well, several months of silence had passed and I was beginning to wonder if the game was even going to be released. Well, Warp is finally here and I think it’s safe to say it’s awesome.

In Warp you control an alien being that escapes from a lab and wrecks havoc on the scientists and security guards. You have special powers you unlock as you go but you are equipped from the beginning with the ability to warp through walls and into things such as barrels and turrets. Later on as you progress you unlock the ability to send out an “echo” which is a clone of yourself and use it to distract guards and turrets. Later on you can send your clone out to a barrel or turret and then switch places with the barrel to get you through thick walls and over water, etc. There are plenty of abilities to unlock throughout the game which keeps it interesting the whole way through. In addition to the campaign there are challenge rooms where you can test your skills. Warp has a sort of social feature to it in where it compares your scores with other people on your friends list. It also keeps stats such as how many times you’ve warp and how many times you fragged and compares it with your friends right on the screen as your playing. That was a nice little touch although I only had one other friend playing Warp to compare with.

I love the art direction of Warp, it has a sort of Portal mixed with Shadow Complex vibe even though it’s top down. The game is clean and sharp and controls great. It’s decently lengthy too, especially if you are trying to find all the collectible “grub” and film canisters. At only 800 MS points the game is totally worth the price. I’m hoping they have plans to make a sequel and/or downloadable content because I’d love to play more. Pretty much all of the game takes place in an underwater laboratory (which is awesome) but it would be nice to see a sequel bring it above ground.

Overall I thought Warp was great and it’s definitely going to be on my mind when trying to determine the best XBLA game of 2012. If you haven’t given the demo a try make sure you do that right now.

Patrick Adams

I am the founder/creator of Everyday Gamers. I am a husband, father, and gamer. You can find me as CrownOfThornz on Xbox Live, PS3, and Twitter.

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