EDG Podacst Ep. #152 – Reality Check

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Listen in as Eric Bouchard, Chris Maeurer, Jay Sims and Tim Ronk… I mean John Danforth discuss some of the myths held by and about gamers.

EDG Podcast Ep. #152


Intro – “Mega Man” by the Video Games Live Orchestra

Break – “Man Up” by 116 Clique

Outro – “Authority” by 116 Clique


Weeks in Review – 6:12

Reality Checks – 44:23

Twitter – 1:50:47

Email and Closing – 2:13:25


One thought on “EDG Podacst Ep. #152 – Reality Check

  1. Hey guys good show. When all then Masseffect stuff started i thought the gaming press had it wrong. Multiple sites said that the fans just wanted a happy ending so i hit the forums. It seemed for a time that all that was needed was clarity. After playing the ending seems rushed and i think the story was changed around the end of ME2. Then i do some more research and find the a lot of people really do want that happy ending. Its like over a third of those dissatisfied want the option. while not close to half of those against the current ending it is enough to get the impression that the fans want "rainbows and unicorns".

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