Push Play Ep. #5 – Overclocked Remix


In this episode of Push Play, Eric Bouchard samples some of the albums available from Overclocked Remix, a group dedicated to the art of game music. Check them out at OCRemix.org(Accidentally refer to them as OCRemix.com on the show).

Push Play Ep. #5


Intro – “Clamato Fever (Menu)” from OC ReMix: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack

Chrono Symphonic – 2:38 – “Manifest Destiny” (Background for first segment), “Blue Skies Over Guardia” and “Confronting the Mystic”

Cave Story Remix Project5:28 – “Escape Route” and “Labyrinth Skirmish”

Unsung Heroes8:17 – “Hopes Fall to Water” and “Heroes Unsung”

The Sound of Speed – 12:00 – “Shifting Islands”

Maverick Rising14:30 – “Insecta Robotica” and “End of the Beginning”

Heroes vs Villains18:20 – “Kratos,” “Shredder” and “Samus Aran”

Harmony of a Hunter – 23:52 – “Kraid’s Campfire Ballad,” “Earthbound,” “Infectious Fear,” “Solitude” “Metroid Medley” (Outro)

Thanks to Travis Dvoracek for his help with selecting the music of this episode of Push Play.

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