Push Play Ep. #6 – Game Music Bundle

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n this episode, Eric Bouchard plays some of the music from the Game Music Bundles, including the third one, currently for sale at GameMusicBundle.com.

Push Play Ep. #6


Intro – “Prologue” from Jamestown

Jamestown – 3:59 – “Journey Into the Dark Sector,” “War Upon the East Frontier” and “Prisoner of the Badlands”

Shatter – 8:03 – “Kinetic Harvest,” “Freon Worlds” and “Neon Mines”

Terraria – 12:49 – “Overworld Night” and “Boss 1”

Frozen Synapse – 15:16 – “Welcome to Markov Geist,” “Focus” and “Nightpath”

inMomentum – 18:48 – “Flyover” and “Flux”

Fittest – 21:38 – “Dreams of Cobalt” and “Heavy Industry”

Impeccable Micro – 24:40 – “Top Five Control” and “Stacked”

Plants vs. Zombies – 29:25 – “Ultimate Battle” and “Zombies on Your Lawn”


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