Push Play Ep. #8 – Castlevania and Mega Man 2


This episode of Push Play takes on a decidedly old school feel as Eric Bouchard features the music of NES favorites Castlevania and Mega Man 2.

Push Play Ep. #8


Castlevania – “Walking on the Edge,” “Underground” “Voyager,” “Wicked Child,” “Heart of Fire,” “Out of Time,” “Without Forgetting the Cross,” “Tears of Blood,” “It Is Not Possible to Wait Until the Night,” “Vampire Killer”

Mega Man 2 – “Title,”  “Airman,” “Metalman,” “Heatman,” “Woodman,” “Flashman,” “Dr Wily Stage 1-2”

Video Games Live Level 2 – “Castlevania Rock Overture” and “Mega Man Montage”

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