My Musings: Burn Notice the Game?

Burn Notice has quickly become one of my favorite shows, and the more I get into it the more it reminds me of one of my favorite games, Alpha Protocol.  This got me thinking, what could a Burn Notice game be like?  So here are a few of my ideas on how I think a Burn Notice game could go.

First, I would take the conversation system from Alpha Protocol, and add to it a few things from the Mass Effect series conversation system.  I’d want a big part of the game to be conversations, so it would need to be well executed to pull it off.  I’d also take a few of the RPG character building elements from Alpha Protocol, so you could build your character to play however you want, from a going in guns blazing type to a character who relies almost solely on using conversations to get things done.  And even though the game would not be primarily focused on shooting, I would want the aiming to handle well, so it would be more along the line of a COD feel to aiming, that crisp tightness that I like.

The world would have to be an open world, preferable a lot of the Miami area, or a city that is set in that sort of climate and locale.  Missions could be done in a couple of ways, you could get them in a progression, one after another, or you could have to go out into the world to find them.  I’d personally want a balance of the two, where you would have people coming to you for help, but you could also come across people who need help while you are traveling around the world.  In addition you could do an overarching story much like the show, were you would get main missions at certain times throughout the game.

As for the missions themselves, it probably would take a lot of work to make them like this, but I would want them so that you could tackle them in a variety of ways, and switch tactics in the middle if you wanted.   So you could start out trying to talk to people and work through it that way, but if something happened that changed the situation you could go in guns blazing if you wanted, or continue to try talk your way out of it.

I’d also want vehicles to handle well, so I’d take driving control from say Burnout Paradise, so it wouldn’t be to hard to handle your vehicle on the streets.

It would also be fantastic if you couple play it co-op with friends, Mike almost always has a team, so it would be easy to make it so one person could be scouting the location of the mission, while another could be talking to the people you are trying to get to, while a third picks up supplies.

So basically, you’d take a heaping helping of Alpha Protocol, slap it onto a GTA map, add a touch of COD and a tablespoon of Burnout, and I think it could be a recipe for a pretty cool Burn Notice game.


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