Help Save Our City!

Calling all superheroes to help me save a long running MMORPG from closing.

In times of economic hardship, it seems that even virtual cities are not immune to dangers from real life. On August 31, 2012, NCSoft announced that City of Heroes (CoH), an 8 year running Massively Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game (MMORPG), will be closing the doors to the heroes/villains of the city as well as closing Paragon Studios before the end of the year. This decision impacts several thousands of gamers who play City of Heroes: Freedom as well as the 80+ employees at Paragon Studios. Our hearts go out to the employees affected, but what type of heroes would we be to let this happen without a fight?

A great movement is underway in the streets of Paragon as well as in the real world. Thousands of players are rallying on servers to protest the closing and to show their support for the game and for the studio. Servers have been filling up (and overflowing) for these demonstrations of devotion. It has been very inspiring to watch and I intend to don my mask and cape and take to the streets to join them and enjoy what could be the last few weeks/months in Paragon City.

Whether you want to try to help support a closing studio or just want to try the game out, no matter your reason, I invite all those who are interested in trying City of Heroes to join me for a fun time. In no way am I asking people to purchase anything or make any donations! CoH is still absolutely free-to-play and if you do choose to help show your support, you can do so with your presence and voice in and outside the game! Message me on twitter @TigersEye85 if you are interested in teaming up for some superhero action!

Now, for some FAQ:

Q: How much is City of Heroes?
A: A whopping $0.00. CoH:Freedom went free-to-play at the end of 2011 and has a huge amount of content for those wanting to play through it for free including no level-cap (max level is 50).

Q: Cool! Where can I find out more information on CoH: Freedom?
A: I recommend checking out for an overview and information on the game as a free-to-play model. Check out for videos/screenshots and more on the gameplay.

Q: How do I play City of Heroes?
A: Head to and create a new NCSoft account if you don’t already have one. Once logged in, there should be an advertisement for City of Heroes: Freedom “Create a Free Account” on the page. Click it and create a Username and password (this will be what you use to log into the game). Download the NCSoft Launcher to install City of Heroes. Once installed, you should be good to login and start saving (or destroying) the world.

Q: Okay, I got it up and running and have created the most wicked character ever known to man…Now what???
A: Like most MMOs, CoH can be a little daunting when you first start out. Great place to get information on where to start is You can also find out more information on character building, classes, power archetypes, missions…etc…etc. I also recommend checking out forums, wiki pages, and more if you’d like to learn more.

Q: Isn’t there another Super Hero MMO out there?
A: Yes. It’s DC Universe Online and shares some similarities to CoH. They are cut from the same cloth in the sense that both are free-to-play superhero themed games, but how each one plays is totally different. Both are great in their own right and you cannot lose since both are free-to-play.

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