Review: Space Shooter Blitz

Space Shooter Blitz is the latest IOS offering from Frima, makers of A Space Shooter takes Commander P. Jefferson and his ship USS Eradicator from A Space Shooter and puts them into an classic styled shoot-em-up.  The concept is simple, choose three powerups out of seven possible choices, ranging from upgraded weapons, to shields, to an extra few seconds of time, then attempt to blow up as many alien ships as possible in 1.00 minute.  Some of the enemy ships drop powerups, which can range from the ones selectable at the start, in addition to a number of different bomb and missile types that can be collected.  At the end of the minute, plus any additional seconds you may have gained from powerups, you take on a boss ship, which is usually packing some serious firepower that you will want to avoid.  After beating the Boss, your score will be tallied and you can see how you stack up.

The controls feel good, fairly tight and intuitive.  The only issue I have with the controls is that in classic mode, the ship is right under your finger, so it can be hard to see and thus miss the enemy’s shots when they are close to your ship, because if you get hit by a shot you loose your score multiplier.  Relative controls work better for me, where you place your finger anywhere on the screen, and the ship moves in relation to how you move your finger.

The game also ran extremely well on my 4S, it never slowed down once when there were numerous enemies and lots of shots flying around the screen.

There are also 30 different achiements to unlock, however, I was able to unlock well over half of them in a couple of rounds, and the vast majority of them in less than ten rounds.  The only ones that might take a while are the ones for getting very high scores, and number of aliens killed.

Games like this can be a blast to compete against your friends in for high scores.  However, it is in this area that the game gets its biggest knock.  It does not have any GameCenter integration.  It uses Facebook instead, which does allows it to work across multiple platforms.  This is a big problem for me.  For starters, none of the people I game with or compete against on IOS are my friends on Facebook, and secondly, I try to keep my games separate from social media as much as possible.  I will do Twitter integration on occasion, but I will limit to extremely rare cases, as posts that games automatically send to Twitter and Facebook really annoy me when I am constantly being updated on so and so played this, or so and so beat someone else’s score.  This really shortens the replay-ability for me, it was fun for a little while, but I tired of it quickly with nothing really to shoot for except beating my own scores.

Overall, it’s a fun game for if you have a couple of minutes that you want to use while waiting for something, and is worth picking up since it is free.  If you use Facebook to connect for gaming then you probably will get more out of this than others.  It gets a good 6 out of 10

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