My Musings: Biotics VS The Force


This is something I have been pondering recently; if I were given to choice to become one or the other, would I be a Biotic like in Mass Effect, or a Force user like in Star Wars?

For the longest time if I were to have been asked this question I would have instantly replied with The Force. Ever since I first got into the Star Wars universe I’ve loved the Jedi, their abilities in combat are often amazing. Some of my top favorite games involve playing as a saber wielding, Force slinging Jedi. But as far as using it in combat, the really cool/wreck some fools powers are usually reserved for the Dark Side, e.g. Force lightning.  Even when you can use them as a Jedi you are usually discouraged from using them by things like requiring more Force energy or Jedi Masters warning you about the Dark Side.  The Force does seem to have a lot more precision though, with the ability to precisely control objects or manipulate them.

But now Biotics definitely have a draw. In the first Mass Effect I did not really use any powers much at all. It was not until the second game that I actually began to fully utilize the potential of my team’s Biotics. And after playing the multiplayer in three I’ve come to enjoy playing as characters that have Biotics quite a bit.  They too can definitely lay waste to opponents with powers such as Shockwave, Warp, Throw, etc.  As far as raw power goes, I don’t know if they can quite match something like the Force Storm from the KOTORs, but when you’re going up against single opponents they can more than hold their own with their Force wielding rivals.  The only area where I would have to say they cannot stack up would be in manipulation of objects precisely.  As far as I know that is something that Biotics cannot do, at least I have never come across instances of that happening in any of the three games.

So if you asked me now which I would choose I would answer without much hesitation “Biotic”.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have either, but Biotics have grown on me as the Mass Effect universe became my favorite gaming universe.  So toss me that amp and let’s crush some Reapers.


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