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Humble Bundle. For many gamers, this was our introduction to the charity gaming bundles. Humble Bundle has the name recognition, and for good reason: the bundles tend to include some of the top indie games made, and the bonuses offered with them often include the game soudtracks – something a game music fan like me really appreciates. Well, the Humble Bundle is back with its Humble Bundle for Android 4. In this edition of Bundled, I look at whether or not this is one you will want to own.

Just as a refresher, the rankings for Bundled are:

  • PAY: Buy this bundle. There is enough offered in it to make it worth the purchase.
  • PASS: Do not buy this bundle. Just not worth it.
  • PAUSE: Consider if you are really going to play the games. If not, wait to see if they add enough to the bundle later to make it worthwhile.

Who Is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is a group that puts together bundles of games for charities, often for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Child’s Play. Humble Bundle adopts a “pay what you want” model, with Steam Keys provided if you pay at least a dollar and bonuses normally added if you beat the average price, including extra games that unlock later. You can even choose just how much money you want to give to the developers, Humble Bundle and the charities via a set of sliders on the website.

Machinarium is a must play for point and click fans.

Humble Bundle has become one of the most well known if not the most well known of the bundle groups for one reason: the quality of the games it offers. Humble Bundles have included such gems as Bastion, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Anomaly: Warzone Earth. There is a quality to the games offered by this bundle that is not normally matched by the other well known groups.

Unfortunately, the Humble Bundles have suffered from two major problems historically. One is they tend to repeat games, leading gamers to decide to not buy a bundle because they already own several of the games contained within it. Now a gamer may decide to gift the games he or she already has to other people, but that is the other problem with the Humble Bundles: the bundle has just one Steam code for the bundle itself as opposed to separate codes for each game. That makes gifting them difficult, as the easiest way to accomplish that would be to give someone else the Steam key for the individual game. Granted, the games added as bonuses for beating the average often come with a separate key, but the lack of game-specific keys can be a bit of an issue with this bundle.

Humble Bundle for Android 4

As you can probably guess, the Humble Bundle for Android 4 is the fourth Humble Bundle to be focused on Google’s mobile platform. As in the previous versions of this bundle, you receive both PC versions of the games and versions you can download and install on Android devices. There are currently six games included in the bundle:

  • Eufloria is gorgeous, and it is probably the only relaxing RTS you will ever play.

    Splice: A puzzle game in which  you divide and splice various microbes to solve different challenges.
  • Eufloria: A unique take on real time strategy featuring sentient plants colonizing asteroids.
  • Waking Mars: An in depth platform game taking place beneath the surface of Mars.
  • Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP: The acclaimed adventure game finally making its way to Android.
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe:The celebrated physics game where your doodles control the action.

If you beat the average ($6.05 at the time I am writing), you get Machinarium, the critically acclaimed point and click adventure.

How does this bundle stack up with Humble Bundles of the past? Rather well, actually. Eufloria is a rather unique experience – the first RTS I can truly say was relaxing to play (you can read my review here). Everyday Gamers founder and writer Patrick Adams was truly taken with Machinarium when he played it a few years ago, and Crayon Physics Deluxe is the type of game that could only benefit from a touch screen interface. Add to that Sword and Sworcery and Waking Mars, a game with which I must admit I am not familiar but looks really good, and you have quite the bundle here.

Verdict: PAY

There is no doubt or hesitation in my mind on this one. Humble Bundle for Android 4 is easily one I can recommend buying. The games are great as per normal with Humble Bundle, and considering the soundtracks are included with the games, what little you pay will be more than worth it. Don’t let the fact you do not have an Android device sway you not to by this either, as all the games but Waking Mars have Steam keys, and all of them come in DRM-free PC versions.

Now this PAY verdict does come with one big caveat: if you already have many of these games (and if you have been following Humble Bundle for a while, you probably do), you may want to think carefully before buying it. As the Humble Bundles do not give you steam keys for each individual game, you may find it difficult to gift the games you already have to someone else. Still, as an overall recommendation, I stand by what I said: the Humble Bundle for Android 4 is most definitely one gamers should buy.

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