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OMD2 Are We There

And the hits just keep on comin’!  Here we are another month gone by from the Orcs Must Die! 2 release, and there is yet another Booster Pack.  This time, we get a little winter chill in the Horde and some new traps and trinkets to put them on ice.  With the OMD!2 content bubbling over like a Goblin Shaman’s cauldron, will this cool breeze invigorate the already stellar gameplay, or should it just be left out in the cold?

30 Second Review

(+) Old and new content infuses new content into the game

(+)  Cool new offensive tools

(-)  If you’re allergic to challenges, that would be the only downside.  Great content!


Destination Yeti

As the name of the Booster Pack implies, one of the new enemies across the three new maps is a pretty fierce Yeti.  Whittle down its health and the Yeti gets really mean, charging at you in a berserk mode.  Also new are the Goblin Sappers, who are quick like Kobolds but disable your precious traps; take those guys out quickly!  Also of note, although not new, are the Mountain Trolls.  I don’t remember their frequency and difficulty prior to this pack, but they seem all the more difficult to take down, with their regenerating health, on the new maps. The newer enemies are fairly well-complemented by the frequency of Frost Ogres, Frostbats and Thunderbats in the new levels.

Luckily, our heroes have some new tricks up their sleeves….err….up their chain mail?  Even their outfits get an overhaul, with new Backdraft and Skull Ninja costumes.  New offensive abilities are the Dwarven Missile Launcher, the Guardian Trinket and the new trap, the Deadly High Five.  As always, the new gadgets aren’t just effective in the new levels, but they are great to take back to the old levels. Sink some skulls into and add some new strategies to your orc-slaying repertoire.  The Dwarven missile launcher is a tricky little devil, dealing high damage with primary missile fire and using a secondary flak spray attack that works fairly well against the flying mobs.  The Guardian Trinket passively heals your allied guardians or revives them via secondary attack if they have been felled in battle.  Lastly, the Deadly High Five is the wall trap you have been waiting for!  With the ability to position the way it swings, the Deadly High Five is like a wall mounted spike-laden fly swatter on a spring, squashing and flinging anyone in its path.  A word of caution, watch which maps you use this trap on and where you place them because one of the *cough*couch* DLC maps will have you swatting mobs closer to your Warp Gates if you’re not careful with your placement.

Speaking of those maps, it still amazes me how Robot Entertainment’s team can reshuffle an existing mechanic, add a minor facelift and then completely alter the gameplay.  If you haven’t tried the booster packs yet, they really add more than just a couple enemies and traps; the map orientations and the way that new elements are implemented create new challenges within the game.  In my opinion, that’s what keeps separating these Booster Packs from standard, cash grab DLC.


It’s Snow Small Feat

As I’ve said, I have really been enjoying the way Orcs Must Die! 2 changes with the new Booster Packs, and Are We There Yeti? is no exception to that.  The new enemies sprinkled in conjunction with some of the old ones add some great new and complementary elements to the game, even if only in Endless Mode, if that’s what you prefer.  As I’ve already mentioned, the ability to respec your skulls and take the new traps, trinkets and weapons back to old levels, co-op games and Endless Mode are all great ways to shuffle OMD!2 to the back of your playlist by giving you plenty of new strategic options to fight the Horde.  If you haven’t played before, first off, I commend you on reading this far, but second I implore you to check out the OMD!2 Complete Edition on Steam for the low price of $24.99.  That’s the base game, all 3 Booster Packs(valued $4.99 each) and the soundtrack(valued at $5.99) for a significant savings on the bundle!  Either way, you won’t be let down if you decide to thaw out Are We There Yeti? for immediate consumption.

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