Mass Effect 3 – Omega DLC

Aria is getting antsy to retake here underworld empire of Omega, and she wants your help doing it. But is this an assault you should undertake, or is this one fight for which you would be better bowing out?

Into the Belly of the Beast

Omega, what a place

Omega is the third piece of singleplayer DLC released thus far for Mass Effect 3.   The story follows Shepard as he assists Aria T’Loak in her attempt to regain her kingdom of Omega, which was taken by Cerberus and is being held by the charismatic General Oleg Petrovsky.  Why does she want you?  “Ground assault” she says.  Ok, I’m cool with that; I know how to shoot some ground, but she only wants you. You will not have any of your squad available for this assault, but that is ok.  After all, you’ll be going in with Aria, and let me tell you, she is no slouch when  it comes to combat.

Along the way, you’ll be meeting someone whom you will not know but is no stranger to Aria, giving you some insight into the enigmatic former lord of Omega’s underworld.   It was really neat getting to know Aria better and learning a bit about what makes her tick

 They way will be blocked by Cerberus? ALL RIGHT!!

The General himself

Don’t expect any mind shattering gameplay innovations from Omega.  The combat is still the same solid variety you expect from Mass Effect 3.   You will be taking on a couple of new enemies though, one of which hit a freak-me-out level that was almost on par with the Banshees in the main game.  Otherwise, you’ll be taking on your typical Cerberus troops, but hey, they take head-shots as well as anyone.  Without giving too much away, you won’t always be rolling with just  Aria.  As I don’t want to give anything away, I’ll leave it at that.

I am not entirely sure if it is just me, but Mass Effect 3  just seems to look better and better with each bit of DLC added.  Some of the views I saw were almost breathtaking, and other than a couple minor graphical glitches, everything looked fabulous.

The horrors of war

While the DLC is excellent, it does have a couple of flaws.  The main one is it was a bit on the short side, even if I did love every minute of it.  I completed it in just a touch under four hours, which makes the price of $15 seem a bit steep.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing through it; I just kind of wish it was a bit longer.  Also, the ending, while good, could have been helped with a little more exposition in a couple of areas, but that is a minor complaint.

Remember, don’t mess with Aria

Overall, I thought Omega was excellent. It’s definitely my favorite piece of DLC so far for Mass Effect 3.  It has everything: terrific battles, suspenseful moments, great story telling and a tearful moment for me as I was nearing the end.  While it does seem a bit expensive at first glance, that isn’t enough to keep it from getting a stellar 9 out of 10.


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