Bundled: Humble THQ Bundle (And Giveaway)

Humble THQ 2

Humble Bundle makes its second appearance on Bundled, but this time the games are not indie; they are from THQ. That’s right; the struggling company responsible for the Saint’s Row, Darksiders, Red Faction and Company of Heroes games is offering several of their games as a pay-what-you-want bundle. Should you buy it?

Just as a refresher, the rankings for Bundled are:

  • PAY: Buy this bundle. There is enough offered in it to make it worth the purchase.
  • PASS: Do not buy this bundle. Just not worth it.
  • PAUSE: Consider if you are really going to play the games. If not, wait to see if they add enough to the bundle later to make it worthwhile.

Oh, and make sure you read through to the end of the article, as we have a couple of THQ Bundles to give away.

Who Is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is a group that puts together bundles of games for charities, often for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Child’s Play. Humble Bundle adopts a “pay what you want” model, with Steam Keys provided if you pay at least a dollar and bonuses normally added if you beat the average price, including extra games that unlock later. You can even choose just how much money you want to give to the developers, Humble Bundle and the charities via a set of sliders on the website.

Saint’s Row: The Third is rude, crude, and an absolute blast.

Humble Bundle has become one of the most well-known if not the most well-known of the bundle groups for one reason: the quality of the games it offers. Humble Bundles have included such gems as Bastion, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Anomaly: Warzone Earth. There is a quality to the games offered by this bundle that is not normally matched by the other well-known groups.

Unfortunately, the Humble Bundles have suffered from two major problems historically. One is they tend to repeat games, leading gamers to decide to not buy a bundle because they already own several of the games contained within it. Now a gamer may decide to gift the games he or she already has to other people, but that is the other problem with the Humble Bundles: the bundle has just one Steam code for the bundle itself as opposed to separate codes for each game. That makes gifting them difficult, as the easiest way to accomplish that would be to give someone else the Steam key for the individual game. Granted, the games added as bonuses for beating the average often come with a separate key, but the lack of game-specific keys can be a bit of an issue with this bundle.

Humble THQ Bundle

So with that in mind, just what is included in this Humble THQ Bundle? Well, you remember the examples I mentioned at start of this article? Each series is represented in this bundle. You get Darksiders, Metro 2033 and Red Faction Armageddon. You also get Company of Heroes and two expansions, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. If you beat the average ($5.60 at the time of this writing), you also get Saint’s Row: The Third. Soundtracks are included for most of the games.

Company of Heroes helped revolutionize RTSs.

This means for just under $6 you can get:

  • Saint’s Row: The Third: The third game in THQ’s over the top open world crime series, it made my Top Ten Games of 2011. It is definitely one to play, as long as you realize it is completely and hilariously over the top.
  • Company of Heroes: The World War Two game which helped redefine the Real Time Strategy genre, including two expansions for it.
  • Darksiders: This game has been refered to as a more mature version of Legend of Zelda, and it was a game many critics loved.

That only covers some of the games included. This bundle is filled with top flight games, and you can get them all for a much more than reasonable price.

The Verdict: Pay

THQ has made many great games, including the ones in this bundle. In the end, this is really too good of a deal to pass. Of course, this may only be true if you do not already own the games. As is generally the case with the Humble Bundles, you do not receive individual game codes for the games, with the exception of Saint’s Row the Third as it is the extra game included if you beat the average price. This bonus works out great for someone like me who can give that game away as I already own it, but if you own most of these games, you will be stuck with copies that are much harder to gift. The deal may still be worth it even if you own a couple of them, but that is a decision you will have to make.

The Giveaway ******UPDATE*******

The winners have been chosen. @Ninjato16 and Yumatchi won the THQ Bundles, while Aaron won Saints Row: The Third and fanhiphop won Spec Ops: The Line. Congratulations to our winners!


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