Push Play Ep. #9 – Music from the Humble Bundles

Humble Push Play


Did you realize if you are a PC gamer you may actually already own several amazing game soundtracks. Eric Bouchard takes a look at the music included with the Humble Bundles in this episode of Push Play.

Push Play Ep. #9


Jamestown – “Prologue” (used as intro) and “Chyptune”

Canabalt – “Run” and “Mach Runner”

Sword & Sworcery EP – “Lone Star,” “Doom Sock” and “Under a Tree”

VVVVVV – “Pressure Cooker,” “Pushing Onwards,” and “Passion for Exploring”

RochardĀ – “Main Theme,” “The Fight” and “Grinder’s Blues” (used as outro)

Bastion – “A Proper Story,” “In Case of Trouble” and “Bynn the Breaker”

Anomaly Warzone Earth – “Anomaly Theme” and “Dome Cracks”

ShatterĀ – “Amethyst Caverns” and “Boss Music”


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