Angry Birds – Star Wars

A long time ago , in a galaxy far far away, a pig was looking for some droids…

It sometimes seems that every time you turn around there is a new Angry Birds game out. First they were just angry, then they were angry in different seasons and then they were angry in space (couldn’t they have just gone to see a psychiatrist?). Earlier this fall, an image was released by developer Roxio of a bird with a lightsaber, indicating there likely would be some kind of Star Wars tie-in. Angry Birds Star Wars is now out on both iOS and Android. While there were a lot of groans when this game was first announced, I was curious and interested in seeing how it would turn out.

But isn’t anger a sign of the dark side?

“The Force is strong in this one.”

The game starts out with some very cute storyboard style cut scenes starring the various birds as the Star Wars characters in New Hope. You begin on Tatooine with the red bird starring as Luke, battling Sand Piggies. Shortly thereafter, you meet up with Obi Wan Birdy and start running into Piggy Troopers. You then meet up with yellow bird Solo and Chewie and escape off of Tatooine. The next course of action is to make an assault on the Pig Star and come face to face with the feared Darth Piggy.

Who gets to shoot first?

See, Solo is shooting first.

While the first few levels are your basic Angry Birds mechanics, new elements soon come into play. Obi Wan can perform a Force push after being launched, which can be used to send various objects flying throughout the levels. Luke will gain his lightsaber that can smash through blocks. Solo carries a blaster that can be used in a variety of ways, from directly targeting pigs to shooting weak sections before he crashes into them, and Chewie is big, so he can really crash through objects. You also get a Pilot Luke, who can be split into three birds after launch, and the eagle from the other games is now the Millennium Falcon, which can be called in to deal massive damage to a location marked with a beacon. You will unlock groups of five as you hit various numbers of stars earned, but you can also buy packs of Falcons with real money if you so choose.

Did someone say “sand”?

The heart of evil in the Pig Empire

The levels themselves vary from standard styled levels to levels in space with various objects’ gravities to consider like in Angry Birds Space. All are done in a Star Wars style, with block sand crawlers on Tatooine and enemy ships flying around during the Trench Run. Roxio is planning on releasing a free update that will contain Hoth levels. Hopefully they will continue on and put out levels for the entire Original Trilogy.

Use the Force, Luke

This isn’t your dad’s saber.

iOS games just wouldn’t be iOS games if there weren’t in-app purchases it seems, and Angry Birds Star Wars is no exception. In addition to being able to buy additional Falcons, there is a set of 40 additional levels available for $1.99 titled “Way of the Jedi” based on Luke’s Dagobah training with Yoda. Though these levels are some of the most challenging, you unlock a new Saber upon completion. While it does seem a bit expensive for 40 levels, if you don’t want to pay the $1.99 for the levels you can get three stars on every level that comes with the game to unlock them for free!

The Force is strong with this one

This iteration of the franchise was easily one of my favorite iOS games of this year–fun Star Wars themed levels with Angry Birds physics-based gameplay turned out to be an excellent combination. It earns a very good 8 out of 10.

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