EDG Podcast Special – Strategy Guide #7 – My Testimony



Once again I’ve faltered in keeping Strategy Guide episodes a regular occurrence.  This seems like a great one to spark the feed again, as it really addresses why I believe and act the way that I do.  We all profess to be Christians and sometimes it may seem odd that we refrain from some things, like cursing.  It’s not because a prophet, like Comstock, has handed us a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ that we have been convinced to adhere to.  Although, much like Booker DeWitt, most of us have come to a crossroads where we have experienced God’s love in a very real way in our lives and have made the choice to follow Him.  We do that not out of blind commitment, but as an expression of our love for Him, much the same way a husband will find ways to express his love for his wife.  This podcast was recorded when I was given the privilege to speak at my church and share what the Lord has done in my life.  Hope you enjoy it!

EDG Podcast Special – Strategy Guide #7 – My Testimony (Right-Click and Save as MP3 to Download)


Intro – “We Need Jesus” by Petra

Outro – “Your Love Oh Lord” by Third Day

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