A Wild Deviant Background Appears!

Realistic Pokemon-Season 1 by Arvalis

The wonderful thing about the internet is its ability to connect us with such a vast array of talented artists from all over the world. You may have noticed that EverydayGamers.com background is a little different from your usual video game back drop. With the recent release of Pokémon X & Y, we have the honor of using RJ Palmer’s (aka Arvalis) artwork.

Gotta Draw Them All!

It’s been a long time since I’ve played any of the Pokémon games. Not since the original Pokémon Red and Blue have I captured and battled with the cute Japanese monsters. Before X & Y’s release, I searched the net looking to catch up on any big changes since my long break from Pokémon. I came across the website Deviantart.com and found a treasure trove of art from talented individuals with beautiful creativity. One artist caught my eye: RJ Palmer and his gallery of Realistic Pokémon. Check it out here: RJ Palmer’s Realistic Pokémon

Nidoking by Arvalis

What makes Palmer’s art so cool is his approach to drawing Pokémon. He doesn’t just try to make an HD realistic version of the cartoon pocket monsters; he goes further and deconstructs the Pokémon, matches them with an animal from our world and then reconstructs it using the real animal as a foundation. Looking at his work and reading each picture’s description, it is easy to tell that he puts much thought and care into each drawing. Another unique thing I quite like about his work is that he often throws in other Pokémon in clever ways (i.e. Ninjasks buzzing around Venusaur’s giant flower or a mischievous Pikachu sitting on a Nidoking’s tail). It certainly will make Pokémon fans smile as they flip from one picture to the other and catch all the references he’s making. If you really find yourself enjoying his work, you can purchase many of his prints from Palmer’s store site. There you can purchase his art in various forms and sizes. You can also follow him on twitter at @arvalis. Many thanks again to Mr. Palmer for letting us use his work as our background. I for one cannot wait to see what other Pokémon he draws up next!

Bulbasaur by Arvalis


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