Review: Chainsaw Warrior

If you asked my opinion, I'd say Bruce Campbell was actually the original Chainsaw Warrior!

Chainsaw Warrior is the digital treatment to a 1987 solitary style board game.  Yes, you read that right, board game & solitary style together.  Amazing, I know.  Leave it to the fine folks at Games Workshop, known world wide for making table top games, to invent such a thing.

30 Second Review

 + Very challenging!

+ Stats sheet, dice, character customization through random rolls.

+ Each game is a unique experience due to the randomness of the dice and cards.

– Solitary style game that may get repetitive and boring over time.

– Can reach the end, but it may be impossible to kill the boss even if you do.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man.


A Warp Gate has opened in New York City!  Swarms of chaos, radiated, and plague infested monstrosities have come through the Warp.  The gatekeeper of the Warp is a terror referred only as Darkness.  The Warp requires power, and Darkness is fueling it as the power source.  Kill him, and the Warp will collapse upon itself.

You are a cybernetic engineered marine, the only person alive on the planet with the fortitude and prowess to save the city, and the world.  You have 60 minutes to do it, and in 30 minutes, it’s going to get dark!  Enjoy!

Can you hear the Options Menu singing I'm so lonely I could cry?

Can you hear the Options Menu singing I’m so lonely I could cry?

Things to Note in the Options Menu

Going to discuss the options menu first, because frankly, what options?  Chainsaw Warrior is a Unity designed game, so as you launch the game you will see a small pop up window that you can use to alter your resolution and graphic quality.  You can check or un-check windowed to toggle between windowed or full screen.  In the in game Options Menu, there are only two sliders and three clickable boxes which you clearly see displayed above.  The options are very moot indeed.

Knife or Chainsaw, Knife or Chainsaw, ppfffttt like their is even a choice!

Knife or Chainsaw, Knife or Chainsaw, ppfffttt like their is even a choice!


Cards, dice, and board: these are the elements of Chainsaw Warrior.  You have a 60 minute timer that haunts you throughout the course of the game.  Each time you take a turn, it counts as 30 seconds, so it’s not so much a real life timer as it is a turn timer.  That is unless you draw a trap card, which will use more time as you fight to get through it.  Then there are equipment cards, which are vital to your survival, and the key to accomplishing your goal of defeating Darkness.

The game has three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard.  My recommendation is to play on Easy until you have successfully completed it.  Then you can crank the volume up so to speak for an additional challenge.  Hard is hard, and it’s very unforgiving!  One might even go as far as to describe the challenge as brutal.

When you start the game, you have a stats page, and you roll the dice to see what kind of stats you will have. In Easy you get to roll three dice, Medium will allow you to roll two dice, and Hard only grants you one die.  After rolling up your stats, you then get to roll for how many equipment items you will take with you.  On Easy you can look at all the items and pick and choose what you want.  In the harder difficulties, the items are separated in piles corresponding to their item type, and you have to blindly pick what you are going to take with you!

When the game starts, there are two card piles. The first card pile you have to work your way through, and hopefully you can clear that pile before it gets dark.  Once it gets dark, the game gets more challenging!  The second card pile is similar to the first with the exception that Darkness is somewhere in this pile!  If you’re lucky, you will find Darkness sooner rather than later.  You have a limited amount of resources and your equipment cards can be used up.  The longer it takes you to find him, the less likely your going to be able to succeed.

Unfortunately the game does not have controller support and is mouse and keyboard only. You can tell the game was designed with tablets in mind, with the larger scale interface that you find; you normally would not expect to see this on PC.  The pop up windows will fill your screen with that giant touch screen OK button!

Go Easy!  Pick the Easy button!  I demand you click on the Easy button right now!

Go Easy! Pick the Easy button! I demand you click on the Easy button right now!  Are you clicking?

5 Point Highlight

1.)  Chainsaw Warrior has a board game mechanic feel, but it only requires one player.  The fact that it’s single player can be a good thing on those days when no one else is around to play with and you want that table top feel.

2.)  High degree of challenge.  Three levels of difficulty.

3.)  A wide variety of equipment cards to choose from, so you can mix and match different combos and add more replay value to the game by trying to beat it every which way possible.

4.)  Stats sheet.  It ensures that every play through will be different.  There are 6 specialization skills that you will randomly roll for.  Try to beat the game once using each one!

5.)  Zombies, mutants, and cultists oh my!

You are one ugly...RUMPLESTILTSKIN!  Ha, bet you didn't see that one coming!

You are one ugly…RUMPLESTILTSKIN!  Ha, bet you didn’t see that one coming!

5 Drawbacks to the Game

1.)  It is a solitary experience.  We as human beings always crave interaction, so you’re not always going to be interested in playing Chainsaw Warrior.  When your in that mood to play a multiplayer game, you’re not going to find it here.

2.)  Can get repetitive fighting and doing the same things over and over again.

3.)  Sometimes you hit a point where the game demands you to backtrack and add cards back into the deck.  Also the game can halt your progress completely and make you start over.  This mechanic can definitely leave you feeling a touch frustrated.

4.)  At times you will make it all the way to Darkness, and it will be impossible to kill him!  You have to strategize wisely while working your way towards him to have an opportunity to defeat him.

5.)  I wish when they did the port-to-PC treatment that they would have taken the interface into consideration.  It would have been nice had it been more optimized for PC.

That's good when it does that right?  What do you mean it's bad?  Unhealthy!?!?

That’s good when it does that right? What do you mean it’s bad? Unhealthy!?!?


Chainsaw Warrior gets 7 out of 10 stars!  The game is enjoyable and challenging as a solitary experience.  However in some ways that’s going to be part of the problem in holding interest, because it is solitary.  After a while, you may feel the game gets repetitive.  Chainsaw Warrior should keep you entertained for about 10 hours before you start to want to move on to something else.

To make the most of Chainsaw Warrior, I recommend purchasing it for your mobile device, because it is the optimal way to play this title, and that will allow you to play it in short bursts.  You can save your progress at any point using 1 of the 3 available save slots.  I just don’t see purchasing it on PC being the best idea when looking at it in this comparison.  With all the gaming options we have available on PC, I can’t see you playing it as much on this format compared to if you have it on your mobile device.  That said, if you find yourself with a limited amount of time waiting for friends to log online, then Chainsaw Warrior is a nice little time sink on your PC in that regard.  Not saying there is anything wrong with the PC version, it’s the exact same regardless of which format you buy it on.

The price, for what it is, is excellent.  In the Steam store currently it sells for $4.99 USD.  On Google Play it sells for $4.89 USD.  Auroch Digital was being very reasonable with the pricing of Chainsaw Warrior.  I definitely encourage everyone to pick it up because it is a good quality game that is also budget friendly!

As a bonus if you do decide to go the PC route and buy it on Steam, the game does include Steam Trading Cards.  If you’re interested in collecting those, then Chainsaw Warrior is certainly a game to which you can turn towards.  People are making the badges, because I’ve already gotten a couple of booster packs from it, which was a pleasant surprise!

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