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Milkstone Studios has taken a bit of a step back into the past with its game Little Racers STREET. You don’t see too many of this type of game anymore. Does Little Racers STREET hit that nostalgic sweet-spot, or should Mikstone Studios be more focused on current gaming trends?

Having grown up on isometric racers like R.C. Pro Am and Rock N’ Roll Racing, this was truly a blast from the past. The cars are so small that it also brought back memories of Micro Machines. This game did give me the opportunity to relive some of my fond memories from childhood.

30 Second Review

+ 41 different and uniquely customized vehicles

+ The Daily Challenge is a true challenge, because every player is on a level playing field with the same car

+ There is no difference between playing with a controller or using keyboard & mouse

– Will play differently compared to other racing titles you may have played previously in this genre

– Small online community



Career Mode but No Story

This game doesn’t have a story; instead it just allows the gameplay, cars, and customization to do the talking. There is a career mode, but there are absolutely no story elements attached to it. However, buy yourself a car, paint it, head out on the street, and let the street racing tell the tale.

You take a picture on your keyboard, while racing with your controller, and then you'll know how this picture came to be.

Racing with my controller, but taking a screen shot with my keyboard, props anyone?


Developer Milkstone Studios has done an incredible job of making this title. The gameplay is really good; despite having a few hiccups, overall it does deliver an excellent experience. Some of the controls are a little too responsive for my liking. In most racing games, you can take your finger off the acceleration button to slowly drift through turns.  This isn’t one of those games. You can’t slow drift through turns because you lose acceleration way too quickly. Keep your foot on the gas, and your hand on the e-brake! When you are rebinding your keys, set it up for hand brake and not just brake.  Tapping the brake option will stop your car on a dime in its place.  You definitely want to tap the e-brake for the best braking conditions. Some of the hairpin turns are truly wicked.

On the other hand, there are things that Little Racers STREET does do really well. I enjoy that grip is one of the things you can upgrade or in my case choose not to upgrade. I love being able to skid slide through turns and corners. Not many games let you have that chaotic blend of being in control yet not quite having complete control.

The Grade system is very balanced, but it’s very easy to accidentally upgrade yourself into the next Grade without intending to do so. Pay attention when you are upgrading, because before you select the upgrade it shows you if you’ll go to the next Grade beforehand. You can also buy cars in a preset Grade, but the Grade A cars are very expensive. Expensive as in the millions and some people may not want to dedicate the required amount of time to be able to afford the cars they would really want to buy.

The paint jobs are a lot of fun to do. They have many patterns to choose from. I honestly was only expecting there to be 10 or so, but there were quite a few. In fact, there were so many that I did not take the time to count. I would guess it would be somewhere in the ballpark of 30. All patterns designed for the vehicles are two-toned in color. That would be the only limitation of the paint customization options, because you are restricted to having to use two colors. That is unless you pick the same color twice; then it will appear mono toned. 

The tracks are great, and there are several of them. Basically, they took 2 large city maps and then broke those maps up into sections that you race on. Some of the larger tracks will have smaller tracks encompassed in them that you raced on previously. You will also race in day, night, rain, and snow conditions, which adds a nice variation to each track that’s missing in a lot of other racing games.

Milkstone Studios did a great job of balancing the controls. You can play with either a controller or with a keyboard and mouse. Unlike many racing games, the keyboard and mouse controls actually work! If you choose to play that way, you will not feel like you are at a disadvantage compared to controller users.

Come race with me, Saint Killjoy!

Come race with me, Saint Killjoy!

Race Results

Little Racers STREET is a truly enjoyable top down racer. A friend of mine was playing it, and he suggested that I should look into it.  I am glad he did.  

At present, Little Racers STREET does not have much of an online community.  It is currently flying under the gamer radar, and that is truly a shame. The price they are asking for is very reasonable: only $7.99 USD. I highly recommend purchasing this title. You can watch for it to be in a bundle, but really at $7.99 USD, this game offers more value then the price would suggest.

Little Racers STREET scores an 8 out of 10

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