EDG Podcast Ep. #239 – Wingin’ It



This week Chris Maeurer and Jay Sims make an elusive run at recording a “short show”.  With the recent Easter holiday, we didn’t have a chance to record a proper EDG cast, but Jay and Chris try to fill in the gap with their podcast queue, tv/movie picks and recently played games.

EDG Podcast Ep. #239 (Right click and save as MP3 to download)


Intro – “Rockslide: The Everday Gamers Podcast Theme” by Robert Payne

Outro – “Free” by Seventh Time Down

Important Links

If you’d like to vote for what games Chris and Jay should talk more about on upcoming episodes, check out the new polls we have posted here.

Mario 64 Speedrun on TwitchTV mentioned by Jay in the show

BundleStars Kalypso Bundle mentioned by Chris in the show (expires 4/30/14)

Don’ forget our Geek Media Network 8-Bit Salute Team

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