Dance Puppets!



Hello all!  Jay and Chris recently recorded Podcast Episode #239 and we thought of a way for YOU the listener to get more of the content that you want to hear in our podcasts.  Its an experiment and a work in progress, but if you really want to have a say in shaping how it plays out, now is your chance!

This week Jay and Chris talked about quite a few games.  We all have massive backlogs and are infected with gaming ADD.  In addition, we realize that our staff members really like to check out lots of inde and niche titles as opposed to playing every AAA release that comes out.  To that regard we’d like to help funnel all of those factors into something that our listeners continue to find interesting.

So how does it work?  Well, we are going to list the games that we’ve talked about and post polls for each host.  We’ll tweet and publicize the links and we’ll let you guys pick what we play.  That way we might be able to check some games off of our backlogs and you’ll hear more of the content that you would like to hear on the podcast, sounds great right?  Of course, we have to add the caveat that we will do our best to accommodate your requests with time and schedules permitting.


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