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The newest Free 2 Play game that I’ve tried is Prime World. This has been developed by the team at Nival. You may know them better as the makers of Heroes of Might & Magic V, the Blitzkrieg series, the Etherlords series, or more recently Prime World: Defenders. Prime World is the latest MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to be released. 

30 Second Review

+ Lane Strategy MOBA

+ Unique Talent System

+ Currently 35 Heroes possibly more to be added

– Has a Free 2 Play store model that is a little pricey

– Community has Low Population

Red Faction Spawning Pad

Red Faction Spawning Pad

Test your Might!

Choose your faction; you can be either The Imperium (Blue Faction) or The Keepers (Red Faction). You have to declare a faction to align with, so choose wisely, and pick the faction that will most likely reflect your tastes. Each side has a view and a way of life, and they literally view the opposing side as simply… crazy. The land of Prime World has been divided over Prime, a magical substance that has miraculous or devastating properties depending on who wields and controls it.

Blue Pills

Blue Pills

  • The Imperium: An empire striving to advance technologically, The Imperium views Prime as something to be studied with great care and scrutiny. They are an intellectual society driven by scientific discovery. They are host to scholars, inventors, and engineers. They fear and revere this substance as both powerful and dangerous. It must be handled with extreme caution.
Red Pills

Red Pills

  • The Keepers: A society of art and culture, the Keepers view Prime as a natural substance. They harness the powers of Prime through ingesting the substance or making direct skin contact with it. They are a creative society driven by their love of the arts. They believe a life without culture, love, art, and passion is a life that isn’t worth living. They are host to artists, free thinkers, and those that have been inspired. Prime is their newest inspiration, and they use it on a daily basis.

As you may notice, both factions have drastically opposing views of their world. Both factions desperately need Prime for their societies to continue to prosper, evolve, and survive. Which side will you choose?

Team gank on mid lane in river.

Team gank on mid lane in river.

Okay Ramblers, Let’s Get Rambling

There is so much to Prime World that can be discussed. I will do my best to be detailed but keep it brief as well. The map you choose will determine what lanes are available. For now let us only explore the 5v5 map named Borderlands. This map has a top lane, bottom lane, and middle lane. There is also a jungle filled area in-between the lanes, and a river that flows through the middle of the map. This is very similar to League of Legends or DOTA 2 in this regard.

Both factions have a spawning pad where they heal and a castle styled factory for Prime that must be defended at all costs. You will have guardians that help you push the lanes. Other games within this genre referred to them as creep, trash mobs, and so forth. They will help you attack towers and other structures. Overall, though, they are rather useless.

You will generate Prime over time. Killing guardians and neutral monsters generates Prime, but you’ll get more prime if you cause the killing blow to the monster rather then your minion’s killing it for you. Destroying towers and structures are other ways to generate Prime. Of course, killing the opposing heroes will generate the most Prime.

A Plethora of Talents!

A plethora of talents!

I have a little Talent

Prime is also used for purchasing your talents or buying consumable items that are available from the various shops that are present on the map. Talents are what set Prime World apart from other similar MOBAs. You will set up your talents from your Kingdom View (I’ll explain that feature in a moment). These talents are earned as quest rewards, from turning Prime into talents via the Talent Garden, or at the end of a battle. All talents are upgradeable from a 1 star to a 5 star version. Talents are also color coded: yellow is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and orange is legendary. The talents enable you to build your hero any way you would like, depending on how you want to play your hero. No one can just outright buy any talent with real money; talents have to be discovered within the game during a play through.

Heroes have a leveling system outside of the game; they level up from 1 to 36. The more you use a hero, the more experience it earns, and the higher the character’s level will become. This part of the leveling system is managed in the Kingdom View. You will be able to assign your two stat points to your hero every time your hero levels. In a battle, all heroes start the battle at level 1, and their experience during the battle can also go as high as 36. You will gain one talent per level, so you will pre-assign your talents beforehand. Talents can be passive or active abilities, and there will be a bar you can place them on or a key you can assign them to, depending on your play style.

Killed a hero, saved a tower, took no damage.

Killed a hero, saved a tower, took no damage.

Map sizes?

5v5 maps are PvP (Player vs Player) maps that you will face other players on. There are other types of maps, such as a 3v3 map known as Outpost, and a 4v4 map known as Dragonwald just to name two of them. There are also maps that have special conditions attached to them, such as Apocalypse, which is a 5v5 map that after you kill an enemy guardian you can raise a zombie from them to fight alongside your troops. There is one called native lands which give you a bonus for fighting on your own native terrain. There are several modes within the game. Definitely take the time to check this game out. It is free to play after all.

There is also a challenge map, which is a PvE (Player vs Environment) map that you will face neutral monsters on. If you enjoy playing the MOBA style, but would rather play coop than PvP, then the challenge map is for you. This mode definitely offers a challenge. There are five different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Epic and Deadly. Easy is not really hard at all, but I have only managed to complete up to the Normal difficulty.

If all of that is not enough for you, they are also currently developing a single player campaign story. Prime World is offering a lot, and they are continuing to work and develop it.

Space is limited, plan wisely....

Space is limited, plan wisely….

My Hero for a Kingdom

Kingdom View is the social page. If you’ve played a Facebook style game before, this will seem somewhat familiar to you. You build a small Kingdom. The buildings can all be leveled up, and I believe the level cap on each building is 30. I’ve not capped a building in game yet myself. My highest leveled building so far is 13, but I am working towards it.

You will not only manage your Kingdom but manage your heroes as well. This is where you adjust your talents; any unused talents are kept in your library. Upgrade your library! I bought two, which enables me to hold more talents; space is limited.

All of the stat points that you earned for your hero will be spent in the Kingdom View. All of your friends that you made in the game can be found here as well. You will be able to add them to a favorites list, and all friends can be added to your buildings in order to help your buildings produce more, so you are rewarded for being friendly.

She dropped back behind her tower, so I went around through the jungle and finished her off....SURPRISE!

She dropped back behind her tower, so I went around through the jungle and finished her off…. SURPRISE!

Hopefully you will consider Prime World

I’m hoping that I gave you enough information to at least catch your attention and interest. Currently, this game is flying under the gamer radar, and I feel it deserves some consideration. I am also thinking about creating a Hero Showcase and discussing each Hero in detail: what their strengths and weaknesses are, how good I personally found them to be, whether they were a good or bad buy based on the price I had to spend to obtain them, etc. I will play each Hero five times, and I will also post the end of the match screen shot results from each game. I will also list what talents I used, to see how well, or how poorly, I played that Hero.

Random Pug, I went 6 Kills, 0 Deaths, and 9 Assists.

Random Pug, I went 6 Kills, 0 Deaths, and 9 Assists.

Wrap it up Killjoy!

Thanks to Nival for making Prime World such a great game and for making it Free 2 Play! I personally think this may be the best MOBA game I will play this year. That remains to be seen, but I am rather optimistic.

If you want to play with or against me, you can find me in game using my name SaintKilljoy. I chose the red faction. In order to play on my team, you’ll have to be a member of the red faction. If you decided to be a blue pill, then I look forward to seeing you on the field of battle! To my adversary TacoCat, we will meet again!

Operation Killjoy now has a Clan presence inside of Prime World. Clan name is Cheeki Breeki, and the initials are OPKJY. Anyone who is on the red team and interested in joining,  just let me know! The Clan can have up to 60 members, so we have lots of room!

Prime World scores a 9 out of 1o.

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