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Ever wanted to play a game that crammed so many sub-genres into it that it became its own genre of game? Well ta da! It’s happened! Enter ReignMaker, a game that has a horde element, a match 3 puzzle element, a kingdom sim/management aspect, conquest map, quests, RPG elements, tower defense, political management, and more. What doesn’t this game do?

The creator of ReignMaker is Frogdice Inc. The following is a quote from them that I think sums up their games very well: “Core meets casual as we combine many different styles of gameplay in a fun, immersive experience.” ReignMaker and Dungeon of Elements are the two games that Frogdice Inc. currently have available on Steam, and today we will take a closer look at ReignMaker.

 30 Second Review

+ Match 3 puzzle game

+ Easy-to-learn gameplay

+ Kingdom simulator

– Must enjoy casual gameplay

– Will require a lot of time to unlock everything

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Wait a second, that frog stole my dice!

In 2013, I lost myself in the realm of the Puzzle Quest games. This year looks like it’s going to be the year I lose myself in Frogdice Inc. I have always enjoyed playing puzzle games. I like to spend time playing in a nice fun little casual experience. The problem with puzzle games, though, is I’m always looking for that next great puzzle game to come along. It is difficult to find a game that does everything I want it to do and more, but I can safely say that ReignMaker is exactly what I’ve been waiting for as far as giving me what I want and keeping me entertained for hours.

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Let’s break down the gameplay elements

ReignMaker is a tower defense game at its core but not in the traditional terms of the tower defense genre. Instead of building a maze of towers to fight an oncoming horde, the game board itself is the tower. The picture above specifically shows you the match 3 game board, and as you may notice, that’s quite a big board for a match 3. Essentially the board is the tower wall that you must defend against the oncoming and relentless horde.

Match 3 is the minimum, but you can chain as high as 7. With each additional chain, you receive an item based on the chain’s complexity. Fear not; the tutorial does an excellent job of walking you through the game and explaining everything you need to know with all of the mechanics involved.

As you complete matches, the match type you completed will determine the magic type of the spell that is cast. The various types are air, earth, water, fire, and void. This simple puzzle match game has a very deep strategy element embedded within.

One important thing to note: the row that you complete the match on is where the tower defense will trigger from. Pay attention as to what row an enemy is on, because that’s the row you’ll need to complete a match with in order to defeat that monster.

ReignMaker 04 EDG

Kingdom Sim/Management

As if ReignMaker did not already have enough going on, there is also a kingdom for you to not only manage but also set political policies for as well. There are benefits that the kingdom will offer in your match 3 gameplay such as spells, gear, and units. Spells will be learned from the Academy. The Blacksmith is where you can purchase gear. Armory is where you will learn recipes to make better gear. Resource gathering will come in the form of the Farm, the Foundry, and the Lumber Mill. The Granary will help store food for your population growth. Last but not least, you will have the Town Hall where you can recruit your armies and citizens.

I was quite surprised at how deep the kingdom simulation was done for a match 3 puzzle style game. I quite enjoy watching the citizens of my kingdom walk around, while I click on their thought bubbles to see what humorous things they have to say. The flock of exploding sheep is my favorite.

ReignMaker 05 EDG

You too can be a ReignMaker!

If you enjoy fun casual games that can be a deep time sink, then you’ll want to pick ReignMaker up. It is currently available for $14.99, but with the Steam summer sale just around the corner, this would be a great game to put on your wishlist and watch for it to go on sale. I would also recommend this as a solid gift for anyone that has a friend or loved one that enjoys casual games. Is a very appropriate family game that can be enjoyed by all gaming ages. If it drops to or below $9.99, I would highly recommend grabbing it.

I personally enjoyed everything that ReignMaker had to offer and greatly appreciated all I was able to do in the game. Thank you Frogdice Inc. for making such a complete and enjoyable casual experience!

ReignMaker scores 9 out of 10.

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