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Does anyone miss Dr. Mario besides me? Well look no further, Intake is here for your gamer pill fix. Capsules rain down from the top of the screen; don’t let them touch the bottom, or it’ll be game over. It’ll only take you a few minutes to learn the concept of this game, but don’t allow that to fool you; your reflexes will be put to the test!

Intake was developed by Cipher Prime Studios. They are a small indie developer out of Philadelphia, PA. I only recently heard of this studio and was not familiar with any of their titles until I started playing this one. Now I own their entire catalog.

30 Second Review

+ Is habit forming

+ Helps improve hand eye coordination

+ Original twist on an older concept

– Death comes swiftly

– Enough MG’s (Milligrams) to induce a coma

Bonus Level EDG

Shopping at the Pharmacy

I had no idea Intake would be as habit forming as it has became when I first chose to review this title. I feel like I’m Dewey Cox, and I just walked into the side room, and Sam is advising me that I don’t want no part of this. However, like Dewey, I said I think I kind of do.

So you are a pill popper, and by being a pill popper, you aim your cross-hairs onto a pill and fire to burst that capsule.  Bonus levels even have tablet sized pills that you pop for bonus MG.  I had no prior knowledge of this game to my install, and when the first thing that popped up on my screen was that classic government don’t use drugs slogan, I was puzzled as to why in the world the developer included it. I quickly understood.

A good percentage of the United States is currently self-medicating, and I think this game is trying to take a stab at that social stigma in a way. Either they were being very clever, or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Regardless, I’m sure they’ll take credit for it none the less.

Drugstore EDG

How does Intake play?

You can use either your keyboard to do your firing, or you can do everything with the mouse. Left click shoots on the mouse, right click alternates firing colors. If you want to shoot from your keyboard, any lettered key can be your firing key and the space bar alternates between targeting colors. Every level, you’ll have two different colored pills falling from the top of the screen to the bottom.  In order not to break your combo score, you don’t want them hitting the bottom, and you don’t want to destroy them with the wrong targeting color. There is a colorblind mode for those who need it, a rather nice addition included by the developers.

The dubstep tracks work really well with this game, and the music never gets old. You are so focused and absorbed with trying to burst those capsules as quickly as possible that you only really notice the music in between levels.

Intake has both a single player mode and a challenge mode. To even attempt to place on the high scores scoreboard, you’re going to need 50 to 60 million points. I recommend just sticking to the friend list scoreboard for now.

The only downside to the game, if there is a downside, is the drugstore. There you will buy power ups using MG’s that you’ve earned on your previous playthroughs. It is going to take a massive amount of MG’s to unlock everything, so to each and everyone of you who decides to play this, I sincerely say good luck, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors!

High Scores EDG

Be Aggressive!

Intake has grabbed my attention. With such a simple concept but a high degree of mastery, this game is going to keep me entertained for hours. It also invokes fond memories of Dr. Mario, and I’m not quite sure why, other then its color coordinated pill factor.

Intake is only $4.99.  You’re going to get a lot more play value out of this game then what they are asking for, so I highly recommend picking this up. An additional thought: this game is coming to iPad soon, so you may want to wait and pick it up for that device instead. This is a perfect road game when you’re out and about dealing with life.

Intake scores 8 out of 10.

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